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Phoenix Invitational

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NBA player JR Smith taking time away from the court to get his degree at North Carolina A&T and play on the school’s golf team has caused some buzz.

No, literally, Smith was taking part in his first college golf tournament, and while on the 12th hole, nature got the best of him when he stepped on a bee’s nest. On day two of his debut, Smith got a visit from the medical cart after he stepped on a beehive at the Elon Phoenix Invitational in Burlington, NC.

Smith was playing his final round when he apparently went searching for his ball in the woods when the fateful event occurred.  Video footage from social media shows Smith swatting away at his ankles while on the green, but he didn’t seem to be too injured as he stood to the side as play continued.


After being treated, he finished up the tourney and eventually spoke to the media about his enjoyment from shining light on the school.

“We’re such a small part of the percentage of the country, let alone the budgeting system,” Smith told ESPN. “Because I see everybody else has got vans and all this other stuff. But it’s great. It’s great to represent them. It’s great for the school to get the recognition because they deserve it, and my fellow classmates.

Smith finished up the event with an 83 in the first round before improving to a 78 in the tournament’s second round, with his school currently sitting in 11th place out of 13 teams.

With it being the school’s first tournament of the season, head coach Richard Watkins was happy with the two-time NBA champion’s performance because he was able to get his feet wet.

“I was pretty pleased with him,” Watkins said. “He made some mistakes, did some things you will do if you’re not used to competing. Just going out and playing recreational golf with your buddies is a whole lot different than competition.

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