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Is there anything more irritating to see than when people of color pay the price for white people’s constant and unmitigated white-peopleing?

A Tulsa, Oklahoma, hospital security guard was fired for shouting in the face of a white woman who was shouting in the face of a Black woman who appeared to be trying her best to mind her own Black business in the ER.

Jose “Tony” Martinez told Fox23 that being fired over the incidentwhich happened months ago, although the video was posted recently and has even more recently been gaining widespread attention—left him “heartbroken.”

“I would have been there six years in January,” he said.

But just because he’s sorry he got fired doesn’t mean he’s sorry about how he handled the crazy woman who must have thought she was in Karens’ ER’ Us and not just the regular ER.

“She started getting confrontational with patients in the lobby, saying some rude stuff and being very mean,” Martinez said.

The video clip begins with the clearly unhinged white woman in mid-sentence, so all that can be heard is her shouting, “ARE YOU?” in a Black woman’s face.

The Black woman can be heard imploring that someone get Hospital Hannah out of her face in a tone that suggests: “Listen, this white woman is already in the ER. Don’t make me give her more reason to be here.”

The man who recorded the video posted a separate TikTok video confirming that the white woman started shouting at the Black woman over “literally nothing” and was “just yelling and screaming…it was so intense for no reason.”

That’s when Martinez is captured on camera shouting at the white woman to “stay away from other people,” and to “stay in the f***ing chair or get the f*** out.” He told Fox 23 that happened after multiple previous heated exchanges with the woman.

Martinez’s now-former coworker, Maria Hayes, started a GoFundMe page to help Martinez get by financially while he’s unjustly unemployed.

“He’s the sole provider for his family, so now what is he going to do?” Hayes asked. “He has a contagious personality that will make anybody smile; he’s really good at working with everyone.”

See, this is what happens when white people start wilding, and people of color have to check them for our own safety if nothing else. It often turns into a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation where we end up risking our livelihoods (at least) just for being unwilling to put up with the caucasity.

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