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Allen Iverson Meet & Greet At DTLR

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Allen Iverson is opening up about his own rollercoaster history with marijuana, just as he launches his own strain.

In a new GQ Sports story, the famed baller dished on getting super high back in the day — with Diddy and late legend Biggie, no less. Apparently, AI was so high he tried to wipe his shirt off of his shirt.

“In the summer of 1996, Diddy called Iverson and wanted him to play at Rucker Park, a place he famously said was ‘harder to play at than The Garden.’ Iverson scored a few buckets and met Diddy at the rapper’s studio with a few of his homeboys. Iverson was in awe of what he saw: the singer Brian McKnight vibing in the corner, Diddy’s mother walking in with plates of food for hungry men, and the rapper Lil’ Cease who was known for rhyming with Lil Kim,” GQ’s Tyler Tynes writes, adding this setting wasn’t a huge deal to Iverson, until he noticed his idol Biggie.

“’Biggie was in there,’ he says, almost gushing. ‘He was doin’ ‘You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills Ya’…So, I’m like a kid in the candy store. I’m 21 years old and I come in there and see Big’ in the booth doing a song off Life After Death,'” AI explained. Eventually Biggie asks if he’d like to smoke, at which point they smoked a few blunts together.

From GQ:

“The whole time, I got on a fuckin’ Janet Jackson shirt where the muhfucka had his hands on Janet Jackson tiddies,” Iverson says, reminiscing on the 1993 Rolling Stone cover. “But, it was an alien cartoon picture instead.”

AI was stumbling around to the restroom when he freaked out about the t-shirt. GQ continues…

Forgetting his choice of clothes for the evening, the young Iverson absolutely lost his shit. “When I looked at my shirt: all I was thinking of was the Janet Jackson cover, but the muhfucka looked like an alien!” I remind him that, you know, he was actually wearing a shirt with an alien on it. “But,” he points out. I’m missing a key detail. “I’m high as hell! So, I’m wiping my shirt like what the fuck is this shit. I keep wiping my shirt and it wouldn’t come off.” Iverson tried everything to snap himself out of it: he stayed in the bathroom so long, his homeboys asked, “N-gga was you takin’ a shit?!” He ran around Diddy’s studio, smashing his Timberland boots into the ground, causing a ruckus. He says he did this because, “I couldn’t feel my fuckin’ feet.” The room began spinning and he couldn’t feel his face anymore. Somehow, Iverson eventually made it back to the studio Diddy and Biggie are in, only for another predictable question to be thrown his way.

Lil Cease asked if he’d like to smoke again and A.I.’s answer was “Yeah!”

Ha. Get into his full GQ moment here!

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