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Emmy winner Lena Waithe just graced a landmark cover at Vanity Fair, where she was captured looking long locked and radiant on the cover shot by Annie Leibovitz. Now, it’s on to her next story. She’s playing Aech and Helen in Steven Spielberg’s newest blockbuster Ready Player One. The jam-packed action, nostalgia flick is adapted from a novel of the same name by Ernest Cline. Set in a dystopian future not too far away, humans spend most of their days in a virtual world called OASIS. In OASIS anyone can be whomever they want, and the players race to find ’80s easter eggs left strewn about by the VR world’s creator. Those easter eggs end up being the key to saving the world.

The film is a smorgasbord of geeked out ’80s video game and pop culture references. The stuff Ernest Cline has lived for. It’s a paean to what is viewed as simpler times as Marty McFly went back to the future and Godzilla ran amuck. But the film’s got to have characters, and those played by Waithe and Tom Hardy look-alike Tye Sheridan (the star who plays Parzival and Wade) are the anchor of a film that’s all over the place in the coolest way possible.

In this clip, Waithe drives a truck through streets littered with trash as Sheridan connects to the OASIS for his own bit of aiming to save the world. But first, they’ve got to stave off a few bad guys hot on their trails. The truck rumbles while SUV’s try to run it off the road, and that’s when Waithe hits you with the kind of signature quip she made famous in her role as Denise on Master of None.

Check out the clip above, and make sure you get your coins ready because the ’80s are back on March 29.

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