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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 9

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It was seven years ago that the Tracy Morgan’s sprinter van was struck by a truck on the New Jersey Turnpike– and he’s made a pretty remarkable recovery.

At first, Morgan was worried that the accident — which left him with a broken leg and femur, broken nose, and several broken ribs– took away his funny, and he’d never regain it. But, now, it’s welcoming to know that his comedic timing is just as sharp as ever and he’s even making jokes about the 2014 accident.

Morgan stopped by the Late Show With Seth Meyers to speak on his recent casting in the Twins sequel alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, but ironically things didn’t get funny until Meyers asked Morgan about current events– namely inflation.

“Inflation is crazy,” Morgan said Monday. “Prices are going up through the roof, man. I just got some sound, good advice from my financial advisor. He said, ‘You should wait at least a year before you get hit by another Walmart truck.’ At least one year! I gotta listen to him. I gotta listen. I’m going for Amazon now, though. I’m going big now.”

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