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KevIn Garnett Says He Never Said La La "Tastes Like Honey Nut Cheerios"

Source: Jim McIsaac / Getty

One of social media’s greatest mysteries has finally been put to bed.

Retired NBA superstar and Hall-of-Famer, Kevin Garnett wasn’t just known for his incredible mid-range game and tenacity, but his trash-talking as well. One instance of him talking smack became legendary and quickly became iconic, but Garnett wants the world to know it never happened.

The incident in question happened in January 2013 when Garnett and the Boston Celtics played the Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Things got extremely chippy between the two all-stars, with Garnett and Anthony exchanging words on the court, eventually having to be separated at one point. Whatever Garnett said got Anthony so mad that he waited for Garnett at the Celtics team bus but was met by security.

Word quickly floated around social media that Garnett said Anthony’s wife La La Anthony “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios,” insinuating he slept with her.

Speaking with GQ, Garnett revealed that was not the case, jokingly adding that he enjoys Frosted Flakes instead.

“I’ve never said anything about anyone’s family,” he said in the interview. “I’ve never said anything to Melo about La La. I’m a Frosted Flakes man. I’m not a Honey Nut Cheerios guy. I never knew where that came from. Let me clear that up.”

Anthony was mum on the situation for the most part when asked about it but revealed that he and Garnett have come to an understanding. “There’s certain things that you just don’t say to men, another man,” Anthony revealed. “I felt like we crossed a line. But like I said, we both had an understanding right now. We handled it the way we handled it. Nobody needs to know what was said behind closed doors, so that situation was handled.”

At the time, La La wasn’t bothered either joking about the situation in a tweet. Not for nothing, but we ALL deserve a check or some free cereal 4all the publicity we’ve given Honey Nut Cheerios! LOL #cantbelieveeverything,” the tv personality wrote.

Garnett’s teammate Paul Pierce also debunked that Honey Nut Cheerios fiasco during an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2018.

“That was a rumor, dude. See listen. I was there that night,” the former ESPN analyst said. “They got into it. Then everything happened in the tunnel. And I get on the bus and sit right next to KG, and I was like, ‘KG, did you say that?’ He paused for a second and was like, ‘Man, you know I didn’t say that.’ “I was like, ‘How it escalate?’ I asked him, and I asked him more than once, too. I don’t know where they even got that from.”

Another example of a lie spreading more quickly than the truth on social media.

Photo: Jim McIsaac / Getty