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The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company made its mark on the world in 1980 and is considered by many to be one of the early leaders in the craft beer space. The privately-owned powerhouse has enjoyed prominence for good reason, and the company has a trio of beers that will pair seamlessly with some of those Thanksgiving meal favorites.

As family and friends get set to gather for Turkey Day, having some beverages on deck is a complete must. Sure, wine and spirits will enjoy some action but many of us enjoy a crisp, cold beer with our meals.

With the help of Sierra Nevada Innovation brewers Isaiah Mangold and Scott Jennings, the company suggests three beers from their portfolio and we’ll share them below.

First up is the company’s flagship classic, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which assisted the boom of hoppy beers in the craft brewing market space. Pale has the dual use of being one’s drink of choice with the hearty offering or could be used as a brine for the bird. At an approachable 5.6% ABV, taking down a couple during the meal or the game won’t necessarily take you down either.

Celebration Ale, a winter style that shows up around the holiday season, is positioned to be consumed alongside some yummy candied yams or even sweet potato pie. In fact, combinations of sweet and savory foods stand up well to Celebration Ale, so get a little bit of everything on your fork before a sip. This one is a touch boozier at 6.8% ABV, but if you’re eating heavy, you might not notice.

Lastly, Hazy Little Thing, another one of Sierra Nevada’s classics, can be part of the first course of Thanksgiving, going well with small bites such as cheese and crackers, fruit plates, and salads. The complex profile of the beer and robust 6.7% ABV works in perfect harmony alongside lighter foods ahead of the big show.

Salute to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company for these Turkey Day suggestions and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Learn more about Sierra Nevada Brewing Company here.

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