"You can get really down if you start thinking about your loved ones that have died. So this balances it out. Just pour some out for them. Let's cook. Let's play music so that you don't have to be scared of death... Let's bust out some tamales, get the pozole going, and some ice cold Modelo. We'll be okay." -Mister Cartoon talking about el Día de los Muertos

Sierra Nevada and Buffalo Trace Distillery collaborated to introduce its new Colonel E.H. Taylor Bourbon Bigfoot barleywine.

The moment turned into a song called "Bed Intruder Song" that landed on the Billboard Hot 100.

Anthony “Spice” Adams, a.k.a Cream E. Biggums a.k.a “The Man In The Yellow Jacket” is one of the funniest guys around. He’s been enjoying the good life since retiring from the NFL nearly a decade ago, entertaining people and making everyone laugh with his acting, comedy, and memes on social media. But like any true […]

Today (April 20), the company rolled out a new Dank Dust IPA and hired a new "Director of Dank" in one Action Bronson to bring it all home.

This year, the Black Is Beautiful beer will now be available for purchase in Walmart stores across 21 states from now until the end of next month for a second year, and a portion of proceeds will go towards an incubation program aimed towards women and BIPOC in the brewing field.

As the history of Black people being responsible for beermaking as we know it isn't widely discussed in the beer industry, Draught Season felt compelled to make their next collection an homage to that history as well as a tribute to the Black brewers in the United States who presently make up less than 1% of current brewery owners in the country.

The privately-owned powerhouse has enjoyed prominence for good reason, and the company has a trio of beers that will pair seamlessly with some of those Thanksgiving meal favorites.

The national holiday is a time many Black families gather for one last soiree before buckling down for the fall season.

Partnering with Walmart, Weathered Souls Brewery Company and other Black breweries will be bringing their wares to the retail giant on the heels of the Black Is Beautiful initiative launched in 2020.

The Hazy-O! Hazy IPA is the brewery's latest swing of the ale alchemy bat, and yes, it's another home run.