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Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Last week’s season two premiere of Power Book II: Ghost took off quickly, with Jabari’s death setting the wheels in motion for this season’s drama. In this week’s episode, Riq has to make a tough decision to protect his family, Monet gets a visit from someone from her past, and Professor Milgram is in trouble.

It’s Time To Grow Up, Riq

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Tasha is still missing, and it is literally haunting Riq. Well, she’s not missing. She’s in witness protection, something he asked Maclean to do for her, which he now regrets. We see the aspiring drug lord having a nightmare about his mom’s absence, and he gets a visit from Power’s version of Freddy Kreuger, Kanan, who tells him to move on from his mother and grow up.

Riq’s nightmare is interrupted by text messages from bootleg Tommy aka Brayden, and some very loud knocks on his door. The police have shown up instructing Riq to get dressed to head downtown, but they don’t reveal why they are bringing him to the precinct. When Riq arrives, he is surprised to see Yaz and Saxe there. Saxe quickly tells Riq that he now works with MacLean and that his grandmother was involved in DWI after crashing into a parked vehicle. Riq is not too happy to hear this news but softens up a bit after Saxe sets it so he can talk with his grandmother.

Riq’s grandmother is still stubborn about her drinking, breaking down all of the stress she has endured, plus the fact she was supposed to “have a night off” from watching Yaz led to the incident. The conversation is interrupted by Saxe, and he reveals Yaz will be placed in a foster home for the night because she is not allowed to go home with her grandmother until after her court appearance, and Riq’s dorm is not acceptable.

Yaz begs to go with Riq, but Riq talks her down and promises to fix the situation. Riq decides to visit MacLean to discuss Saxe working with him. MacLean, in his compelling way, explains why having someone like Saxe on his team is vital. Saxe proves his worth easily when he reveals to both of them that he somehow managed to get Riq’s grandmother a desk appearance ticket on a DWI, which is unheard of, allowing her to go home and await trial instead of being in a cell. Riq wants MacLean to find Yaz, but his power attorney quickly explains that it is out of his power and he is going to need some more money and influence to make that happen.

Luckily for Riq, that won’t be a problem because he will learn that someone will be coming to his school as an adjunct professor. He also decides to chuck the burner phone in a bonfire at a fraternity event, a clear sign that he is ready to be a man and move on from needing his mother.

The Tejada Kids Are Growing Tired of Monet

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Last week, it became apparent that Monet’s power over her kids is beginning to drive a wedge between them, which continues to be the case. Cane is still making moves on his own, trying to impress his new connect, Dante, aka Mecca. Cane takes a trip to Dante’s dope penthouse. Their conversation is interrupted by Cane’s new lackey showing up, and he makes the big mistake of being on Live while walking into Dante’s penthouse.

Dante uses the moment to teach Cane a lesson to be aware of his surroundings and breaks Cane’s goon’s fingers one by one for having the audacity to come into his penthouse filming. Dante then tells Cane that he is not ready to work with him yet, and he kicks both of them out of his penthouse.

We catch up with Zeke, and he is announcing that he is going pro much to the pleasure of Monet. Following the press conference, Monet tells Zeke to make sure he has all of his business in order, including any off-court issues that might plague him. She specifically tells him to watch out for women, telling Zeke she is the only one with the best interest at heart.

Diana, who is incredibly loyal to her mother, is also losing faith in Monet, and understandably so. Diana pitches the idea of her taking an accounting class at school so she can get an MBA to help the family so she can better do the books. Monet took the idea as her trying to get close to Riq, much to Diana’s disappointment. The conversation is cut short when a car rolls by blasting “Can You Stand The Rain,” Monet stops to look out the window. We will be touching more on this later.

We catch up with Zeke, and he is trying to help Dru rehabilitate the shoulder he was shot in. Dru brings up Monets plan to use Zeke going pro as a way out of the drug game, totally taking Zeke by surprise. Dru also reveals that Riq is behind course correct, something Zeke also didn’t know. Zeke tells Dru he is excited to go to the league, but at the same time, he’s going to miss certain people, aka Professor Milgram.

Cane comes back around and spots Dru sitting in the front of the house. The two decided to do some target practice and talk about how controlling their mother is becoming. They both agree that it’s time for them to branch out and start doing things on their own without Monet.

Congressman Tate Gets A Gift From Simon Stern

Congressman Tate is trying to get Congressman Rick Sweeney’s seat in New York’s 12th District and seeks out help from Simon Stern. Yes, the insanely racist and bi-sexual business mogul is still around and could care less about what Tate wants. Instead, Stern is there to enlist the help of Tate to help Stansfield, which has had a dark cloud hanging over due to recent events, and Stern feels Tate can help the university repair its image.

Stern suggests Tate comes on board as an adjunct professor and work with Professor Milgram. Once Tate sees a photo of the attractive professor, he is on board with the idea. Stern did reveal that Sweeney’s most significant contributor, Brayden’s family, helped build part of the university, and he could use his time there as a way to get the information he needed.

Once there, Tate does his best to woo Professor Milgram, but it’s not working on her at all. But we shall see if she will be able to resist as the season progresses. We won’t be shocked if Professor Milgram eventually gives in. One person who sees Tates presence as beneficial is Riq, who asks Tate to help him with his issue when it comes to getting Yaz out of foster care. Tate initially declines to help but changes his mind when Riq reveals he does know someone in the Weston family.

Riq Gives Brayden More Responsibility

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Riq has a lot to deal with, so he tasks Brayden to drop off the product Monet gave them from Rico to deliver to Effie. Brayden does that, but Effie hits him back swiftly because there is a huge problem. The coke has been “stepped on.” Apparently, instead of cocaine, they have pure powdered sugar. When Brayden arrives, Effie and a customer are beefing about the fake coke.

Effie pulls out a gun, but it gets knocked away, and she starts fighting with a customer. Brayden tries to get the gun only to get beat up himself. Riq begs Diana to drive him to Connecticut. She’s down for the cause even though she knows that Diana will be upset. When they arrive, Effie presses them about the product, and Diana vehemently denies that her family pushes fake drugs. The ladies almost fight before Riq finally gets them to calm down, and Brayden asks the most critical question, who’s going to tell Monet?

Diana is left with that task, and she is immediately pressed by her mother when she walks through the door. She explains she went to Yale and gives Monet the fake cocaine. Monet tests it and confirms it is powdered sugar and jokingly says the family will have cake, and yes, she does use it for baking a cake. She also isn’t shocked Rico would give her fake product and says that’s why she shot him in the first place.

Diana isn’t so sure it was Rico. She thinks her brother Cane who is now back in the fold, might have something to do with it, and she is right. Speaking with Mecca, aka Dante, Cane reveals he followed Brayden and stole the original product and swapped it with the powdered sugar, giving Dante the actual bricks of cocaine. Cane uses Dante to get back in the good graces with Monet, and his plan works, but he has no idea there is a considerable twist lingering.

Professor Milgram’s Bedroom Shenanigans Finally Catch Up With Her

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Power Book II: Ghost / Starz

Professor Milgram’s sex addiction problem is finally catching up with her. Last week we met Detective Kevin Whitman. He is investigating the murder of Professor Jabari and happens to be an old flame of Professor Milgram. Last week she thought the two were linking for coffee and conversation with the possibility of rekindling the love. Instead, he took her to the morgue to identify Jabari’s body.

Detective Whitman is very suspicious about Milgram and Jabari’s relationship, especially after he has a conversation with her sponsor. Whitman’s ears perk up when Riq tells him that he heard rumors about them being together. Riq details the heated argument between Jabari and Milgram going down at a dinner he attended, Detective Whitman thanks him for the new information, and he wastes no time heading Milgram’s apartment to ask her some questions.

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

While waiting outside, Whitman sees Zeke leave the apartment after telling her that he feels they shouldn’t mess around with each other anymore. Detective Whitman heads upstairs and presses Professor Milgram about whereabouts the night of Jabari’s murder, and she reluctantly reveals that she was home with Zeke. Detective Whitman is beside himself now because he knows that Professor Milgram is sleeping with one of her students, only adding to Milgram’s situation. Whitman leaves, telling her that he will have a conversation with Zeke, and warns her she better be telling the truth.

The word that Milgram has become a prime suspect is spreading fast. Riq wastes no time telling Cane that their heat should die down because the cops have their suspect. Saxe learns that Milgram, who also used to be a former defense attorney, is involved in the case while having pillow talk after a smash session. He takes that info to his new boss Maclean, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Maclean and Professor Milgram went to pound town.

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Maclean decides to visit Professor Milgram’s apartment to offer his help, but she quickly dismisses him. She decides to call Zeke, but he’s currently preoccupied in the bedroom. Things get interesting quickly when Detective Whitman shows up to take him downtown for questioning. The white girl in the bed decides to break out her phone to video record the entire interaction. You can be sure that video will come back to haunt Zeke and piss off Auntie Monet in the process.

Monet Spins The Block

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Premiere

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Monet is going through it, her kids are getting on her nerves, and she is honestly lonely because her husband is doing a life bid and her enforcer/son killed her boo thang. Throughout the episode, Monet gets in her feelings when a car blasting New Edition’s classic song “Can You Stand The Rain” seems always to come around. Plus, her anniversary with Lorenzo is coming up, and having to celebrate it with him while he is locked up isn’t making her feel any better either.

She decides to get her some of the prison love anyway and visits Lorenzo. Monet is tired of giving her all and only “getting air” in return. She also mentions to Lorenzo that Cane is no longer a part of the family and is trying to get back in with the hope of having a new drug connect, changing Monet’s mind. Monet is still like, nah, but Lorenzo is like hell yeah and instructs Monet to make nice with her son so they can use the connect.

Monet finds Cane at his girlfriend’s house and agrees to let him back in the family but on the condition that she can trust him. Cane makes his triumphant return home for family dinner, and everyone is shocked, and in Diana’s case, suspicious. The dinner is interrupted when Monet hears a noise outside. She goes to investigate and finds her trash cans knocked over, and it’s there she realizes what is going on.

We catch up with Monet outside of Junior’s in Brooklyn, and Dante shows up. Monet has a type, and it’s lightskin bald drug-dealing men. Monet and Dante used to deal with each other a long time ago before Lorenzo. Dante clearly wants that old thing back, and while Monet hasn’t said it, we’re sure she feels the same way too.

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