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Prairie View A&M’s Marching Band will be making their way to the TV screen soon. The CW network announced that it will be airing a docuseries called March that will highlight the story of the Prairie View A&M University marching as they fought to become the number one ranked HBCU marching band in the land. 

Prairie View was ranked number one out of all division one HBCU bands this season by ESPN’s The Undefeated. 


The band is more affectionately known as The Marching Storm, and the eight-episode docuseries will give the viewers a behind-the-scenes look into what makes this band so special. Not many people outside of the band community truly understand the trials and tribulations that transpire within a marching band throughout the season. So, chronicling the success of The Marching Storm will hopefully give viewers a new appreciation for the performances they see at halftime on Saturdays in the Fall. 


“It is an honor to be validated by a panel of my peers especially in the age of YouTube and instant gratification for everything,” said Tim Zachery, director of bands at Prairie View A&M. “We have taken the charge of making our students aware of what they do well and areas that they can improve on. ESPN [The Undefeated] gives us a platform to use as a measuring stick, not against others but ourselves.”


The show will likely take an in-depth look into the band’s day-to-day routine. The series will also take a closer look into the individual stories of students and staff members that make up the 300 person marching band. 



In HBCU culture the marching bands are one of the most important aspects of the social experience. They are just as important if not more important than the football game itself. 


“The series chronicles their pressure-filled journey to become the highest-ranked HBCU band in the land, including electrifying performances at homecoming, Texas A&M and Southern University,” According to the synopsis of the show. “As March shares the personal and unique stories of individual members and staff of the over 300-person marching band, it also explores the legacy and culture of Prairie View A&M and highlights how the Marching Storm band is an integral part of that rich history.”


This isn’t the first time the CW Network has ventured into HBCU territory. As a spinoff of the very popular show All American, a new fictional show called All American: Homecoming shows the journey of Geffri Maya’s character Simone at an HBCU.