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Trolling Fan Inspires Utah Jazz Guard Jordan Clarkson To Win Game

Source: Ronald Cortes / Getty

If you are sitting courtside at an NBA game, make sure your team can back up any trash talk. A San Antonio fan got Jordan Clarkson upset enough that it changed the game’s trajectory.

As spotted on ESPN, the Utah Jazz guard is used to hearing it from the opposing side. But during his match-up against the Spurs, Clarkson confronted one ticket holder who was talking real spicy to him. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he was discontent with what he thought was a non-call. So much so he did not get back on offense to stop a three-point shot by Doug McDermott with only a couple of minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. This is when the unidentified man stood up and yelled directly at Clarkson. Jordan says this is when the fan “crossed the line,” and he proceeded to walk towards him. Thankfully his teammates interceded, and security ejected the fan.

Clarkson, originally from San Antonio, took the heat and used it to his advantage. He went on to drop 23 points, five assists, and eight rebounds. The short-staffed Jazz would go on to win the game 110 to 104. After the game, he spoke about the incident. “The guy just keeps antagonizing me, like almost challenges me like, “What you gonna do?'” Clarkson said. “After saying a bunch of stuff. I make money. I ain’t trying to lose no money. I’m going to lose more money than he’s going to lose. He’s probably going to just get kicked out of the game. We’re playing basketball, having a good time. Fans got to learn, we’re human, we’re people, too. Stuff like that just can’t fly.”

You can see Jordan’s full interview detailing the exchange below.

Photo: Ronald Cortes / Getty