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Find Out Which Artists Were The Most Fave and Hated for Runners in 2021

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As the Omicron variant continues to spread rapidly and send COVID-19 infections back up, everyone’s bathroom scales have been headed in the same direction, too. So what are some tunes that people have been playing to keep those pandemic pounds under control? Pour Moi, a UK-based lingerie company, conducted a study to find out the best artists for your next run, and the performer who topped the survey should be no surprise.

Beyoncé came in at No. 1, as running to her music can shave nearly three minutes off the average three-mile jog and 23 minutes from a marathon. Pour Moi suggested that songs such as “Put A Ring On It” and “Run The World (Girls)” give listeners the added motivation to “push that much harder.” Next on the out list was former One Direction frontman Harry Styles, and Britney Spears rounded out the top three musicians you should include on your next run.

 Artist  Time Improvement per km (mm:ss)  Time Improvement

3-Mile Run (mm:ss)

 Time Improvement Marathon (mm:ss)
 1. Beyoncé  -00:33  -02:45  -23:12
 2. Harry Styles  -00:31  -02:35  -21:42
 3. Britney Spears  -00:28  -02:20  -19:36
 4. Adele  -00:19  -01:35  -13:18
 5. Taylor Swift  -00:17  -01:22  -11:32
 6. Shawn Mendes  -00:16  -01:20  -11:12
 7. Rihanna  -00:15  -01:15  -10:30
 8. Ed Sheeran  -00.08  -00:40  -05:36
 9. Olivia Rodrigo  -00:07  -00:35  -04:54
10. Justin Bieber -00:05 -00:25 -03:30

But who are the worst artists to bump if you want to improve your run time? It turns out Drake leads the pack of this less-than-desirable group, as The 6 God can add almost two minutes to a three-mile run and 15 minutes on your next marathon.

Korean boy band BTS isn’t far behind, with 45 seconds added to your average three-mile jog over six minutes to your next long dash. Doja Cat is the third-worst performer to consider for an upcoming sprint; the 26-year-old singer-songwriter isn’t too bad for three-mile sprints (25 seconds) but still tacks on three-and-a-half minutes for marathoners.

Check out the “Run Faster Playlist” below from Pour Moi to see what other artists they discovered will help you zoom around the track in record time.

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