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Here's How Kyrie Irving Could Play Full-Time Without Getting Vaccinated

Source: Andy Lyons / Getty

Part-time professional baller Kyrie Irving could actually suit up full-time if the Nets are willing to drop the cash.

Per The Daily News, Irving who is still stubbornly unvaccinated based on no sound logic could actually suit up full-time for the Brooklyn Nets and play in home games. How so? Well, according to the news publication, it all comes down to the Nets willing to pay fines that New York City will slap the team with for each home game the so-called voice of the voiceless plays in.

The Daily News‘ Stefan Bondy writes theoretically writes that the Brooklyn Nets could afford to foot the bill to bring Irving back because they could afford the fines. The first offense of NYC’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate will earn the team a warning, a second offense will cost $1,000, a third offense $2,000, a fourth offense $5,000, and a fifth offense and forever $5,000. When you put it all in perspective the Nets waste more money paying players who don’t fit, so it wouldn’t be ridiculous for Nets owner, billionaire Joe Tsai to foot the bill cause it wouldn’t make a dent in his fortune so this argument makes sense.

Per The Daily News:

For perspective, the Nets once paid Deron Williams $27.5 million to go away. They’re now paying $2.65 million for the shell of Paul Millsap and handed $40 million to DeAndre Jordan for being a good friend. The team’s owner, Taiwanese billionaire Tsai, may wake up tomorrow with an extra $100 million in assets, depending on the direction of the market. Irving, meanwhile, is sacrificing $400,000 per home game for refusing the jab.

A $5,000 penalty to Joe Tsai is like Joe Schmo’s 15-cent library fine. It’s annoying, avoidable, but worthwhile to enjoy an awesome book. And Kyrie Irving is awesome. Besides, the point guard’s presence probably recoups the fine — and more — in gameday revenue. It certainly boosts the TV ratings.

BUT, honestly, we hope the Nets do not go this route because it would mean the organization is choosing winning basketball games than sending a sound message that public health in the middle of a pandemic is important. To this day Kyrie Irving has not presented sound evidence as to why he refuses vaccinated besides being a flat Earth-believing contrarian.

So, please Brooklyn Nets do not go this route.

Photo: Andy Lyons / Getty