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Logan Paul Confirms Box of Pokémon Cards He Bought For $3.5 Million Is Fake

Source: Logan Paul / Logan Paul 

Logan Paul might be the biggest loser of 2022.

In what has to be one of the most expensive Ls ever, Logan Paul discovered an unopened set of first edition Pokémon cards that he shelled out $3.5 million for was fake. Since news of Paul acquiring the box hit the internet, many were very suspicious about the box cards, and their suspicions were confirmed today when Paul found out he had a box full of useless G.I. Joe cards.

In the video, Paul and his best friend, famous card collector Bolillo Lajan San, met with the Baseball Card Exchange in Chicago to authenticate Paul’s purchase. Initially, the collectibles expert were convinced that the unopened box of first edition Pokémon cards was legit due to the tape on the packaging and some other signs. At that moment, Paul and his friends were excited, but their moods changed quickly when they decided to open the box.

“Oh my God, bro,” Logan screamed after the inspector cut the tape and the contents of the box were revealed. “G.I. JOE?? G.I. JOE?!?! It could have been anything else,” he continued once they opened a box of the alleged first edition Pokémon cards.

One of the authenticators who were also duped said, “This is the biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokémon.” Paul admitted in the video that he tried to find the silver lining in the situation that proved to be difficult. “I’m a super positive person, bro,” Logan said. “And, I’ll always be the one to look at the bright side, and I am trying, but this is very hard.”

Not all is lost. TMZ reports that this situation won’t be a total loss for the avid Pokémon card collector. The celebrity gossip site reports that Bolillo Lajan will be giving Paul his $3.5 million back. “I have reimbursed Logan his 3.5,” Lajan said.

“However, we will see how quickly I am made whole from the sellers who brought it to me already authenticated in the coming days, or if it turns into a drawn-out scenario,” he further added.

Logan Paul is a very lucky man, $3.5 million is a lot of money to be losing on some fugazi Pokémon cards.

In the video below, you can watch Logan Paul find out he was badly duped.

Photo: Logan Paul