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The Bronx Charity Tee

Source: Awake NY / Awake NY

The horrific apartment building fire that took place in the Tremont neighborhood of the Bronx, New York has spurred many people to lend their support. And now, the streetwear brand Awake NY and No Company have teamed up to create a t-shirt aimed at aiding the victims of the fire.

Angelo Baque, the founder of Awake NY, and Ricardo Rodriguez, the founder of the marketing brand No Company announced on Thursday (January 13) that they were launching a special t-shirt done as a collaborative effort between the two streetwear brands. The team up was done to lend support to the victims of the tragic fire which took place on Sunday (January 9) at the Twin Parks North West apartment building.

The fire, which was set off by a malfunctioning space heater igniting a mattress on the third floor according to investigators, claimed the life of 17 people and left 60 injured afterward. Both men have enlisted the support of various entities and talented individuals in their network to assist with the launch. Fear of God, Union Los Angeles, Just Don, Denim Tears, Luar, Barriers Worldwide, and Ice Studios are a few of the brands involved, along with Hip-Hop radio station HOT97. They also got support from photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis and BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester’s Go! brand.

The T-shirt features artwork from the iconic Hip-Hop pioneer Shirt King Phade on the front of it, which says “I [Heart] The Bronx” with subway trains on either side of it and bubbles containing all of the borough’s neighborhoods at each corner of the image. On the back, all 14 of the partners are listed with their logo. Proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt will go to Until Freedom Network, a nonprofit organization based in the Bronx that is dedicated to addressing racial and systemic injustice. The group has been working directly with teams assisting the victims of the fire.

The T-shirt retails for $60 and is available until midnight EST on January 17 through Awake NY’s website.