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Netflix Officially Raises Its Subscription Prices

Source: Thomas Trutschel / Getty

The original content Netflix is chugging out for your o watch will cost you more to watch.

Yesterday’s price will not be today’s price when Netflix raises its prices in Canada and the United States. Starting Friday (Jan.14), new customers will see a hike in subscription price, while existing customers will get the news in the form of email notice 30 days before their hike kicks in.

Reuters first broke the news of the price hike with Netflix telling the news outlet, “We’re updating our prices so that we can continue to offer a wide variety of quality entertainment options.” Here is a breakdown of the new rates US customers will see:

  • Basic (1 stream, 480p): $8.99 to $9.99
  • Standard (2 streams, 1080p): $13.99 to $15.49
  • Premium (4 streams, 4K): $17.99 to $19.99

Canadian customers will now pay $16.49 for Standard and $20.99 for Premium, with the Basic plan staying at $9.99. This new increase follows the 2020 hike customers saw during the height of the pandemic when a standard subscription went from $13 to $14. Netflix, along with video games, was and still is a saving grace for many who still opt to stay home and enjoy movies. The company knew that deciding to up the ante on the content it delivers delving out big dollars for big-budget projects that customers eventually had to pay for in the form of a subscription price increase.

While it’s understandable that many people will be upset at the idea of another subscription price increase, they also have to look at it this way, no increase, no great shows like the surprise hit Squid Game, or movies like Red Notice and Don’t Look Up.

Photo: Trutschel / Getty