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Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Previously on Ghost, Riq finally came through for Tate, the truth about Zeke’s age leaked, ending his hoop dreams, Effie finally got rid of the competition, and we learned the truth about Dante. All of those events led to Sunday night’s intense season 2 finale.

Who Can You Trust?

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Last week, Monet, Dante, and Cane all agreed Lorenzo had to go, but they did not determine who would be the person to pull the trigger. This week’s episode opens up with Monet on Dante’s yacht and being showered with more gifts after the conversation about Lorenzo comes up. Dante feels that Cane should be the one to pull the trigger giving him and Monet the perfect alibi that they were at his penthouse, so her current husband’s death comes back to bite them in the ass.

In the same breath, Dante wants to make sure that Cane is trustworthy and Monet believes he is, but his recent actions don’t give Dante the utmost confidence in Monet’s best soldier. Monet does agree that Cane does be f***ing up, but she will have that conversation with him because she too feels that her son should be the one to take patriarch of the Tejada clan.

Back at Stansfield, Riq is still worried, he gives her a call, but she does not pick up. Riq has no idea that his plan to get Lauren out of town was foiled by Effie, who is peacefully sleeping in his bed after basically kidnapping Lauren. Riq explains to Effie that he is worried, and she does her best to convince him that maybe Lauren just ditched her phone to stay off the grid, knowing good and damn well what happened to her. Riq takes Effie’s word and then asks if she would continue the search for his sister if he goes down for Detective Ramirez’s murder, telling Effie outside of his mom she is the only person he can trust.

We link back up with Dante, and he is having some much-needed father/son time with Zeke while showing off his impressive collection of cars and a private jet, a result of being the Michael Jordan of snitches. Dante wants his son to hop on that jet with him, Monet, and her kids, but Zeke reveals he is still skeptical of his mother, Monet, and honestly his dad because he trusts Monet and he still isn’t sure if Monet was not at Milgram’s house the night she died. Dante makes his case for Zeke to trust him and hands the keys to one of the sports cars, telling his son there is still an open seat on the private jet if he wants it.

Speaking of Monet, she is also having a hard time speaking to her son. Cane reveals he isn’t on board with the idea of killing his father and lies about being down with the idea. Cane is also worried about how it would look to Dru and Diana if he killed Lorenzo, but Monet tells him not to worry about that, and she will handle his siblings. Monet also quickly pointed out the numerous times Lorenzo did him dirty to convince him to kill his papi. It’s only when Monet brings up Riq’s name while mentioning that he killed his own father that puts the battery in Canes back.

Brayden Comes Through For Riq

Power Book II: Ghost

Lauren’s safety isn’t the only thing he has to worry about. There is still the possibility he can go to jail for a long time, but he is about to get a massive break in his case. Initially, MacLean was worried about the prosecution’s use of Brayden’s brother Trace to corroborate a story linking Riq to selling drugs as well as possibly killing Ramirez and Jabari Reynolds.

Power Book II: Ghost

Little did they know there was a huge surprise going down. The judge reveals the prosecution revised its witness list, taking MacLean, Saxe, and Riq by surprise. Trace will no longer be coming to testify because he is sick. Instead, it will be Brayden because he can also corroborate Trace’s story.

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

What looked like would be a great day for the prosecution quickly went to sh*t. Brayden cops to being the Stansfield drug dealer in Professor Reynold’s book, claiming he was the brains behind it all and using the tutoring app Course Correct as a front to distribute drugs on campus. The prosecution is stunned, and the judge immediately dismisses the case making Riq a free man.

Following the decision, Saxe tries to have a conversation with Jenny to console her, but she does not want to hear it and exits the courtroom. Little does he know he will get the opportunity to speak with her about something else.

MacLean and Riq celebrate their court victory at the office, but Riq isn’t fully satisfied yet. Riq instructs MacLean to stop Yaz’s adoption from going through and tells Davis that he is getting out of the game, something MacLean advises against. Riq also feels he should get a refund from MacLean, being that it was Brayden who helped him get off and technically not his high-priced attorney, but, of course, MacLean laughs at that notion. Riq also warns MacLean that he knows the defense attorney is double-dipping by taking money from Cane. Still, MacLean warns Riq that it will look bad for everyone involved, especially Riq if he does anything to get him disbarred by presenting that information. Once Riq leaves, MacLean jumps on the phone and gives Cane a call, leaving us to wonder what these two are up to.

Brayden gets pulled out of school for his loyal sacrifice by his father, he reveals to his now-former roommate. Riq thanked him for what he did, telling his friend he didn’t know how he could repay him. During this convo, Riq realizes it was Diana who swiped his code for the drop boxes on the roof stealing their product, but that doesn’t matter because Course Correct is now dead. The conversation quickly shifts to Lauren, and Brayden lies, telling Riq that she drove off and that they shouldn’t know where she is.

Before Brayden can leave, Cane walks in unannounced. He asks Brayden if he handled that business, and Brayden nervously says yes and leaves. Riq and Cane have a conversation about the plan to kill Lorenzo, with Riq telling Cane he needs to be ready for this because his life will be changed forever after he pulls the trigger.

Monet Wants Mecca Dead

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Now a free man, Riq links up Monet for a conversation. Immediately Monet throws us, as well as Riq, for a loop when she tells him she needs him to help her kill Mecca. Riq is confused because he points out that would be bad for business. Monet makes her case by pointing out that he’s not just the connect and that she knew him as someone else.

Riq then drops the bomb that he knows Mecca’s real name and that he had an encounter with him earlier. Riq explains that Mecca tracked him down because of the bag they stole from his penthouse and that it contained documents revealing his real name and the fact he is a high-level informant. Monet is highly disgusted that she has been cozying up with a snitch and really wants to bullets in Dante.

Monet also reveals that she has no intention of killing Lorenzo. Monet tells Riq that plan is a decoy to keep Cane busy, and wants Riq to make sure that Cane stays on that plan long enough to kill Dante freeing Cane from Dante. Riq agrees, but he tells Monet that Dante has to stay alive long enough so that he can get the $2 million the government informant promised him, and Monet agrees.

Monet links up with Lorenzo to break down the plan to him and break the bad news that his new connect, Mecca, is a fraud and has to go. Monet tells Lorenzo that Mecca is making Cane work for him against his will and will kill their kids if he finds out what is going on. As expected, Lorenzo is pissed and quickly realizes the two bodyguards Mecca sent to protect him are just watching him and reporting back to Mecca.

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Monet tells her husband that he needs to get Diana and Dru onboard with the plan and that she will take care of Mecca. Of course, Lorenzo is on his toxic masculinity trip and wants to be the one to put hot lead in Mecca, but Monet convinces him to let her handle killing Mecca. Lorenzo returns home with the plan, and after some apprehension towards their mother, he convinces them to get down with the operation to kill Mecca.

The Truth About Milgram and Lauren

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Following his court victory, Saxe decides to head to his favorite spot for a drink and gets a surprise visit from Jenny, who has some startling news. Jenny reveals that Lauren is dead, and her body was found in a vehicle with no license plates. While we know what happened to her, the reports indicate she died as the result of a car accident while she was trying to leave town.

Jenny believes that both Milgram and Lauren’s death is her fault and that somehow Riq has something to do with both of them. While trying to console his sneaky link, Saxe points out that at the time of both deaths, Riq was wearing an ankle monitor, and it would have gone off if he did commit both crimes. Jenny still isn’t buying it but knows Saxe is right. While trying to convince Jenny that Milgram did commit suicide, Saxe reveals that he tied to take justice into his own hands and went to kill James St. Patrick but “got lucky” because someone got to Ghost before him.

Saxe instructs Jenny to walk away while he still can, but Jenny feels if she does, she will be an accomplice leaving Saxe to think about the entire situation. Meanwhile, Zeke clearly misses his professor boo and is not sure her death was a suicide. He stops by the precinct to have a conversation with the detective on the case. Zeke asks Detective Whitman if they think it’s still a suicide? The detective asks Zeke if he has any new information and to come back and share it, raising the detective’s suspicions to dig deeper.

Riq meets with his father’s attorney Daniel Owens, who usually always has bad news for him, but he also has good news this time. First, Owens tells Riq that custody of Yaz has been reverted to him. For the bad news, Saxe rolls up and informs Riq that Lauren is dead, knocking the wind out of Riq. Riq leaves without answering any of Saxe’s questions about who could have been behind Lauren’s death if foul play had been involved.

Saxe runs back to the office to break the news about Lauren to MacLean because he feels guilty. MacLean, of course, doesn’t and tells Saxe to check himself because he is dirty. MacLean asks Saxe about the Theo Rollins case, and he reveals that his case is open and shut basically and that he didn’t do the crime. With his conscience back intact, Saxe tells Jenny he will help her find who killed both Lauren and Professor Milgram.

After learning about Lauren’s fate, Riq still has no idea that Effie killed her vents to her about Lauren’s tragic passing after trying to save her. Effie tries to get Riq to stop blaming himself and realizing he is not alone. Riq feels that everyone associated with him or around him either ends up dead or in some sort of trouble, and he starts to wonder if he should even allow Yaz to stay with him. We quickly learn that Riq managed to pull some strings and get Tameika and Saxe to get Yaz and take her to Tasha, whom we see is shacked up in a cabin somewhere. Like Tasha, they change Yazmin’s identity. Riq watches the entire exchange from the car but is not allowed to be a part of the family reunion. He does ensure Tasha that he will reunite with them in a letter he snuck in Yaz’s backpack.

Zeke returns to the precinct as is shown two photos featuring his mother not too far from Milgram’s apartment on the night she was found dead. Zeke lies and says his mother was on the way to pick him up, but he knows that Monet lied to him, and he leaves the precinct, hops in his supercar, and drives off with tears flowing down his face because he knows his mom killed the woman he loved.

Tate Is Back On His Political High Horse

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Tate finally makes his move and has the Democratic Party on his side once again. He meets with DNC chair Steven Ott and Congressman Sweeney and hits him with the photo. Ott urges Sweeney to step down, allowing Tate to run and easily win his vacated seat. Sweeney objects to the idea but knows he has no choice because this could definitely ruin him if it gets out. He does agree, but after Tate tells him there is still a chance he can salvage his political care by running for Governor.

Tate links up with his brother Kamaal who is pretty pissed off at him for sharing that information he shared in good faith with during the trial. As a direct result of what Tate did, we learn that he lost his job, but Tate dangles a new position over his head, a chance to be in charge of his security. The scene featuring the brothers ends with Tate asking his Kamaal if he accepts the position?

Poor Zeke

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

It’s finally time to put this complex scheme to kill Mecca into action. Riq has a conversation with both Dru and Diana explaining how they will use Mecca’s bag containing all of that important information as part of a big diversionary tactic. One of them will have the real bag, while the other two will be walking around with a fake. Before they end the meeting, Dru warns his sister not to look in the bag. We all know her nosy ass is going to look in the bag.

Riq and Cane head to drop between Lorenzo and Mecca’s goons set up by Mecca so they can kill Cane’s father. Cane doesn’t know that he is being used as a distraction until Riq finally tells him right before he is about to pull the trigger revealing that Lorenzo knows they are there, revealing the whole plan. After Mecca’s goons inspect the bag and learn it’s a fake, a shootout ensues with Lorenzo, Riq, and Cane taking care of them. At his penthouse, Mecca hits up his handler, telling the person on the other end, whom we find out later is Agent Blanca Rodriguez, that his cover has been compromised. Mecca tells Monet to tell Riq to meet them at the penthouse instead of the hangar.

Cane runs off to see how Dru is fairing, and Riq leaves to check in on Diana, who has the real bag. Cane arrives just in the nick of time as McVey is about to kill him after following Dru and learning he has a fake bag. After an intense fight scene, the Tejada brothers walk away alive. At the Tejada home, Diana is good, and Lorenzo has a question for her and wonders if she looked in the bag? After some hesitation, she reveals she did and found separate bank accounts for Monet, Dru, Zeke, Cane, and herself. Lorenzo is pissed, and at the moment, he has to kill Mecca despite Monet telling him he would take care of it.

Riq arrives at the penthouse and is on his way up while Monet pulls out her gun and points it at Mecca. We learn that Monet did kill Professor Milgram and lied about it to Zeke. Meanwhile, at the hanger, Lorenzo thinks he spotted Mecca and starts shooting but has no idea he is shooting at Zeke, hitting him in the back before he gets on the jet. At the same time, after an intense exchange, Monet does her part and kills Mecca right before Riq makes it up to the penthouse.

Lorenzo returns home, surprised to see Monet is there. Diana tells them to come to the living room to watch the news. Lorenzo learns that Mecca was found dead in his penthouse, leaving him wondering who in the hell it was he killed at the hangar. Monet asks if anyone has heard from Zeke, and they all say no. The following day Monet gets a phone call from Detective Whitman informing her that her son, Ezekiel Cross is dead.

It looks like Monet should have killed Lorenzo instead of Mecca. Now she has to bury both a father and his son while having to stick with Lorenzo, cold world.

Season 3 is going to be quite interesting.

Photo: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost