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NFL Pro Bowl

Source: Christian Petersen / Getty

Las Vegas Metro Police arrested NFL running back Alvin Kamara yesterday evening, shortly after his fifth consecutive appearance in the Pro Bowl. The New Orleans Saints star was reportedly involved in a scuffle on Saturday night that left one man with “an orbital fracture on his right eye” and the potential need for future surgery, according to the police report.

The victim, identified as Darnell Greene per the police report, said he was waiting for an elevator in Sin City’s Cromwell Casino at Drais After Dark Club when he chatted up Kamara. Greene’s account doesn’t reveal what he and Kamara discussed, but Greene reportedly told police that the 26-year-old running back prevented him from entering the elevator by pushed him back and then stomping on him. Afterwards, Greene reported that members of Kamara’s party joined the beatdown, eventually rendering him unconscious and fracturing his orbital bone.

Kamara was apprehended outside Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, after he was identified via the surveillance tape and through the payment methods used at the casino.

The running back’s version of story was slightly different from Greene’s, though. According to ESPN, Kamara told the authorities that “[Greene] called one of his friends ugly while they were waiting for the elevator and then later said, ‘I’ll whup your ass too.'”

And that’s when the footballer said the scuffle erupted near him, so he responded by punching Greene. However, when Kamara was asked why he hit Greene, the police report says he “thought Greene was running away and had done something to his group” so he landed some heavy hands on him.

“The video disputes this showing that Greene was not running away but had in fact just been punched by Kamara’s associated and then Kamara immediately attacked him,” concludes the Las Vegas MPD report.

Kamara was summarily arrested and charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, a felony in Nevada where conviction can earn someone up to 15 years in prison. He was also supposed to have a court appearance the next day, but he posted bond. Kamara’s next court date has been made for March 8. Neither he nor the Saints have made any official statement on the incident.