It all goes down in the DM’s. And one high schooler found out the hard way that trying to make friends with a pro football player by using the N-word doesn’t go down well.

Hard hits on the football field? Totally fine. Hard hits off the football field? Not so much. Alvin Kamara didn't get the memo.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were shut out Sunday (Dec.19) by the New Orleans Saints, 9-0. But the real story of Sunday’s loss was Tom Brady’s meltdown. From throwing the second of his two interceptions in the final period to allegedly yelling “Go f-ck yourself!” at Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen and finally chucking the team’s […]


Yesterday, the NFL aired its first playoff game ever on Nickelodeon, and the New Orleans Saints’ defeat of the Chicago Bears actually turned out to be the most regular part of the show. As a matter of fact, the game was a great, light-hearted way to get children engaged with the gridiron. But the game […]

The so-called president described COVID-19 as being "like the flu," but this virus is far from that.