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Thanks to a litany of brands dropping new kicks on what seems like a daily basis, it’s sometimes difficult to discern what shoes are worth tapping your screen at lightning speeds at precise times in hopes of a W, or that unwanted L. But following the right sneaker influencer will no doubt put you in better shape to discern what’s worth your trouble or leave you time to go about your business on plotting on securing the next coveted pair on your list.

While pro athletes and celebs gets all the attention when it comes to influencing what’s worthy of a cop or not, there are a select group of sneaker enthusiasts whose tastes command respect. While sometimes the sneaker game can look lily-white when it comes to competing with bots or that kid in Kansas with a heavy bankroll for those limited-edition Air Jordan 1, there are a bevy of Black sneaker influencers who should get their due.

We’re not saying this list is the end all be all of sneakers influencers of color. But these are men and women who routinely have the editors and writers at hitting the like button on our respective Twitter or Instagram feed thanks to their fine selections of prized footwear. Sure they usually have the plug, or just may be the actual plug, but their collections are surely aspirational.

If your fave didn’t make the cut don’t take it personally, we’re sure folks will let us know in the comments—and who’s to say we won’t add them, for cultural considerations.


K.O. @soleplayatl

K.O. runs one of the biggest sneaker groups online, ATATF. The Atlanta-based movement cooks up merch, collabs and all types of freshness. Real Atlanta ish.

Dex Robinson @dexrob

Dex is a celebrity stylist and consultant with clientele that includes entertainers and pro athletes. So course, his shoe selection is clutch.

Fresco Wilson @frescobk

We spotlighted that good Fresco Wilson of Stadium Goods fame in our Sneaker Game column and he’s still putting in that good sneaker work.

Jazerai Allen-Lord @nerdlikejazzy

Jazzy was the big boss over at Compex’s KicksonFire and has since let her talents to the likes of Reebok and New Balance. Most importantly, her shoe game is flames.

John Gotty @johngotty

Mr. Gotti of Nashville and The Smoking Section (RIP) has made a career of precise, engaging and accurate storytelling. Be sure that he snags even more Air Trainer 1’s when they drop, again, this year. For the culture.

Jess Lawrence @jessylaw

Jess Lawrence just minds her business and routinely rocks heat. We can dig it.

David Daniels @sneakerphetish

David Daniels knows his stuff and will raise your sneaker IQ just by listening to him. He hold down his Sneaker Phetish channels with informative sneaker intel for both veteran collectors or newbies seeking their way in the sneaker world.

Jacque Slade @kustoo

Jacque Slade has carved out his own lane, creating engaging video content when most people didn’t take it as seriously. Now, he’s covering the PGA tour for ESPN+, while keeping his kicks clean. A humble flex.

Alissa Nevita @yo_monalissa

Alissa Nevita has been plugging away as a creative for years—enough so that the Jumpman featured her in an apparel collection back in 2020 that paid homage to NYC. Her feed will have you dusting off your passport.


DJ Clark Kent @djclarkkent

The OG of the sneaker game, DJ Clark Kent has been stacking prized kicks, and making sure to wear them, before anyone knew what a sneakerhead was.