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Body language often points to personality traits, and sex positions are no different. There are five base placements that every sexual position is derived from. Each one can grants insight into your sexual attitude and perspective, and those of your partner. Take a look at these positions and see how you measure up to the revelations of each one.


If full-on, belly-to-belly contact while gazing into your partner’s eyes during sex play is your thing, chances are you’re a person who enjoys connecting. The ability to look into your partner’s eyes and observe their reactions to the things you do to their body assists you in remaining connected. You enjoy communication and having control of your partner’s stimulation since you have access to their nipples, lips, belly and pelvis. Missionary styles vary depending on the positioning of the legs but any time the passive partner is laying on their back, it’s missionary.

2 Doggy style

If grabbing onto your partner’s hips and entering them from behind is your go to position, it’s clear that you are a man that likes to take charge. This position is one where the passive partner is on all fours, face away from the person who is stroking. The lack of intimacy in this position means, if it’s your primary go-to, you prefer to have no emotional attachment with your partner. If you’re the passive party in this position, you also enjoy being dominated and get off on the loss of control.

3 Spooning

This cradling position indicates that you enjoy being intimate and close to your partner during sex. You like feeling their body heat and want them to feel safe and protected during sex. This position is typically a favorite of someone who is compassionate and conscious of his/her partner’s comfort and pleasure during sex.

4 Partner on Top

This indicates that you enjoy having your partner take the lead and putting their pleasure first. You also like being dominated and relinquishing your power during sex to allow your partner to have the control. You may be into smothering and feeling smaller than your partner if having them on top is how you like it.

5 Standing Positions

These positions are often performed using the edge of a piece of furniture for support or against a wall. Going straight for standing positions can allude to an adventurous spirit that has a preference for challenges during sex. The man that enjoys having sex standing requires trust and openness from their partner to experiment with how to make this position work for both during sex play.

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