We Tried It: Playing ‘Fortnite’ With Casanova



Remember a few weeks ago when Drake broke records by playing Fortnite on Twitch?

Now it’s Sherrod’s turn to talk shit while playing alongside Cory and our special guest, Brooklyn’s own Casanova. It only takes us about 30 seconds to realize that Casanova doesn’t like Sherrod. Was it something that Sherrod said before the cameras started rolling? Was it the trolling on Casanova’s Instagram live? Or was it the diss track? To be honest it was probably all of the above. Still, Casanova came through to play a quick round of Fortnite with Cory.

Sherrod was down to play, but his lack of opposable thumbs would have made it a bit hard for him to keep up. The good news is that the winner gets Sherrod’s ill-fitting durag. Cory describes the game as “a one player game, you shoot people, take people’s stuff, and build your own shit.” Sorta like life, whoever survives the longest wins. Casanova is ready to play because he says he’s been doing that all his life—allegedly, of course.

Cory obviously wasn’t built to land on a foreign island, build his own shelter, and fend off enemies, because he dies in his first fight. Welp. Casanova, however, has no problem bringing an ax to a gunfight as he kills a couple of opponents before he is overpowered. A bet’s a bet, and Casanova rips off Sherrod’s durag in a very disrespectful manner. But he probably deserved it. Sadly, no waves were spotted under the durag and Sherrod definitely needs a lineup.

We Tried It- Fortnite With Casanova

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video