The Back

The latest wave in biometrics.

There’s one commonality that comes with having roommates, living in a dorm, or working in an office— and that’s sharing a refrigerator. The same goes for the CASSIUS office because someone has been stealing Cory’s lunch out of the shared fridge for the past few weeks. He’s a busy man and can’t sit in the […]

With all that's going on in the world, Cory is stressed TF out — we can help with that.

You thought we’d go that long without forcing some food on Cory? Well, you thought wrong. On the latest episode of We Tried It, we learn that Cory is on this new health kick and is trying to turn it into a new business venture. He tried getting Sherrod on board but the mini human […]

September 2018

For when your barber ghosts you... or the line at the barbershop is just too long.

Not only are NFL fans rejoicing because the season kicks off very soon, but Madden NFL 19 has also finally dropped. So, instead of Cory trying a cuisine that our production team has to search far and wide for, we copped the new Madden for Cory and Sherrod to face off. Sherrod can’t play because […]

This week's episode comes just in time for the heat wave.

  Sherrod must have been listening to 50 Cent’s The Massacre on the way to the office today, because he’s rocking a stocking cap with his hood pulled down to his nose. He’s also got the word problematic across his hoodie and no one really knows what that’s about. Any who, on the latest episode […]

Welcome to an episode of We Tried It where Cory and Sherrod *may* end up sorta kinda cuddling at the end. Let’s start from the beginning as the boys are trying out Orsen’s inflatable lounge Air Sofa. It makes the perfect addition for when you regrettably decide to be adventurous and go hunting or get […]

Sadly, Sherrod didn't get his own pair.