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DJ Khaled Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

Khaled Mohammed Khaled, better known by his professional moniker DJ Khaled, likes to scream out one of his popular catchphrases: “We the best!” In fact, the 46-year-old producer, music exec, and all-around businessman has used the motto in the name of his 2007 studio album, his record label, his recent collaboration with Air Jordan, and more.

But Khaled now has one more reason to yell, “We the Best!” — he just received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Khaled was surrounded by his wife Nicole, his two sons, and the likes of Fat Joe, Diddy, Jay-Z, and other frequent collaborators for the occasion. “First of all, I wanna say God is great! God, I love you,” he began aloud in front of the audience. “I appreciate you, and we’re gonna keep going!”

He then turned his attention to his family and was effusive with gratitude. “I wanna thank my wife and my two beautiful boys,” he said. “Asahd, you good? Aalam, you good? You know we the biggest, right? You know that, right? I love you.”

The usually boastful Khaled was overwhelmed with emotion and stammered as he went on praising his family. “Without my kids and my wife… man, I love them so much, and I just wanna take time and pick them up and tell them how much I love you,” Khaled continued. Nicole, I appreciate you. Not only dealing with me but, just, everyday life. Taking care of our kids.”

“I’m not a regular type of person. I’m a different type of person,” he added before pausing one more time. And then he shouted, “Look, there’s only one Khaled, that’s all I have to say! So I just wanna say thank you!”

Jay-Z, Teyana Taylor, N.O.R.E, and others of Khaled’s industry friends attended the ceremony. Fat Joe shared that it was Khaled who inspired him to explore life beyond the Big Apple a quarter-century ago. “When I met [Khaled], he made me move out of New York to Miami,” Joey Crack told the crowd. “When I think of Khaled, I think of love. That’s the only reason why you see the heavyweights here like you see them.”

Diddy shouted out Khaled’s hustle and how determined he was to succeed. “I remember that day when you told me, ‘They don’t believe me, Puff,'” the Bad Boy CEO shared. “I was like, ‘Khaled, what are you talking about? You’re doing great… [but Khaled replied, ‘they don’t believe me’]. I remember from that day, you worked all the way up.”

“You’re a pioneer; you’re an icon and a brilliant businessman,” Diddy added. “But most importantly, you’re a great friend to all of us here…Your energy and your work ethic is unmatched, we celebrate you for everything.”