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Elysian Brewing X Dank Dust IPA X Action Bronson X 420

Source: Elysian Brewing / Elysian Brewing

Since the mid-1990s, Elysian Brewing made its mark as one of the leading makers of fine brews with innovative takes on suds that match the breezy Pacific Northwest vibe of the brand. Today (April 20), the company rolled out a new Dank Dust IPA and hired a new “Director of Dank” in one Action Bronson to bring it all home.

We had the good fortune of sampling the all-new Dank Dust IPA, which builds upon their delicious Space Dust IPA, with the Elysian Brewing founders and invited media guests and we’re happy to report that not only does Dank Dust IPA have the, ahem, “aroma” of the sticky green leaf, but it also drinks pretty good as well. With Action Bronson, known for his love of the happy flower, now part of the Elysian squad, the pairing of the two entities makes all the sense in the world.

For those unaware, before Bronsoliño made his mark as one of Hip-Hop’s brightest acts, he spent time as a gourmet chef in his native New York. Parlaying that experience into a pair of acclaimed shows centered around food and the like, Bronson will bring that same experience into his new role with Elysian.


“Dank is a lifestyle,” Bronson offered in a statement. “I even have a dank dossier, which is why I am Elysian Brewing’s Director of Dank. I worked with the brewery to create two recipes to pair with Dank Dust. The flavors, aromas and creativity that you’ll see in the recipes are inspired by the dankness of the IPA.”

“We took putting the ‘Dank’ into Dust seriously,” Joe Bisacca, Elysian Brewing’s co-founder, added. “Nailing the earthy, citrusy, piney, dank aroma took trial and error and we love how Dank Dust turned out. To really make sure our drinkers had the dankest occasion, we hired Action Bronson as our Director of Dank to create snack recipes worthy of pairing with the beer”

Those recipes can be viewed below. Click here to learn more about Elysian Brewing, which offers more than just Dank Dust IPA. Their whole lineup definitely has a brew for every palette.


Ingredients needed:

Short ribs

1 cup turbinado sugar

1 tbsp black pepper

1 tbsp Kosher salt

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tsp crushed red pepper


Prep short ribs (cutting Korean Style)

Mix sugar, salt, pepper, and garlic powder in a bowl and combine well

Cover the meat with the mixture

Preheat oven/air fryer 420 degrees

Roast for 30 to 35 minutes checking them around 20 minutes, keeping an eye on it so the sugar doesn’t burn

Cut the ribs into pieces, let cool and drizzle with hot Chinese mustard


Ingredients needed:

½ cup of Elysian Brewing Dank Dust IPA

1 cup flour

¼ tsp baking powder

1 pinch salt

½ tsp cinnamon

Powdered sugar

Extra virgin olive oil to fry


Combine flour, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon in a mixing bowl

Add Dank Dust IPA slowly to the mix until the texture is that of a paste

Once mixed, transfer into a large plastic sealable bag and refrigerate for two hours

Heat oil in a shallow frying pan

Test the oil before frying

Once ready, cut a little piece of the plastic bag corner and use it to pipe batter funnels into the hot oil

Let fry, flip then remove and place on a wire rack to cool

Dust with powdered sugar and top with your favorite sweets (Action suggests gummy bears and chocolate sandwich cookies)

Happy 420!


Elysian Brewing X Dank Dust IPA X Action Bronson X 420

Source: Elysian Brewing / Elysian Brewing