Lexus’ #0To60, Episode Six: ‘We Have a Winner In The Individual Competition!’


In the final individual challenge, all three drivers on both teams had an opportunity to get the win and claim the top spot upon the individual leaderboard.

At this point, each driver was set to take on the entirety of the course with the help of a track expert sitting right beside him or her. Redaric Williams set the pace as the first driver, but faced stiff competition from Carmelita Jeter — an MVP candidate for the entire competition.

Next, Keith Robinson, who impressed in his technically sound run, faced off against Lamman Rucker. Finally, Tia Norfleet and J.D. Williams went head-to-head.

In the end, the individual winner was revealed, and they couldn’t contain their excitement over getting the free Lexus. With one competition left, these drivers still have a lot of track to go.

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