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Notorious B.I.G. AKA Biggie Smalls Receives Billboard Music Award.

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The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Bella Alubo — “G.O.A.T.”

In honor of what would have been The Notorious B.I.G.’s 50th birthday, the late great rapper’s estate unveils a posthumous single, “G.O.A.T.” The track features Ty Dolla $ign and Bella Alubo with some familiar lyrics.

Frank White’s verses come from Life After Death’s “I Love the Dough.” “Make the best CDs and the best tapes,” Big brags on the track as the track hits the streaming era. “Don’t forget the vinyl.”

Produced by Elliot Osagie and Kayo, “G.O.A.T.” also features a verse from Ty Dolla. “Biggie up in heaven lookin’ down on us with Pac,” he raps on the cut. “Pour out some liquor, I’m with Puff, baby, on the Ciroq / My Rollie presidential, damn near big as a clock.”

“G.O.A.T.” is just part of a major celebration for Rap’s Alfred Hitchcock. The Empire State Building is set to host a ceremony in honor of B.I.G.’s birthday and change its lights to include a crown spinning on its mast, according to Variety. Plus, the MTA is looking to celebrate Biggie’s 50th with a limited edition MetroCard at four Brooklyn subway stations. The Barclays Center will also include a video montage of Biggie’s classic videos outside of the arena.

Listen to “G.O.A.T.” below.

Logic feat. DJ Premier — “Vinyl Days”

While gearing up to release his forthcoming album Vinyl Days, Logic unleashes the LP’s title track featuring the Gang Starr icon DJ Premier over frequent collaborator 6ix’s production.

“All I need is one mic, one pen, one page to ignite / Subject matter heavy but the flow is MC Lyte,” Logic raps on the track. Of course, that historian-friendly line references Nas’ “One Mic” and the legendary Bad As I Wanna B emcee.

DJ Premier earns his feature credit with his signature scratches at the end of “Vinyl Days.” This time around, Preemo incorporates lines from Joey Bada$$ and Gang Starr’s Guru, among others.

Logic opens the track by discussing his relationship with Premier. “DJ Premier,” he says. “That’s my homie, that’s my idol.” Then, he disses competitors: “On the road to success, but you’re idle.”

The Vinyl Days album is due June 17. Listen to “Vinyl Days” – the song – below.

Quavo & Takeoff — “Hotel Lobby”

In the midst of Migos breakup rumors, Quavo and Takeoff unleash a new single as a duo in the form of “Hotel Lobby.” The track was produced by Murda Beatz, Keabu Beats, and Fabio Aguilar and is billed as a release from “Unc and Phew.”

Takeoff kicks off the track. “I go in the jungle and ain’t got a coat, I bet I’ll come out a mink / Do this for the fam ‘cause it’s bigger than me / Colored stones in my infinity link and in the factory masterpiece / I call him twin ‘cause that be my brother, we got the same Rollie, he matchin’ me.”

Quavo adds: “All these commas, I won’t fumble / Migo gunners out the jungle…Cake on me, no funnel.”

The song drops while fans speculate over Migos’ future. Breakup chatter began after Quavo and Offset reportedly unfollowed one another on social media. Quavo was asked about the group’s apparent schism during an interview with TMZ, but he declined to comment on the situation.

Listen to “Hotel Lobby” below.

Dreezy & Hit-Boy — HITGIRL

Dreezy and Hitboy have decided to join forces. The rapper-producer duo unloads a new joint project in the form of HITGIRL, a 10-track offering featuring appearances from Future, Jeremih, and Coi Leray, among others.

“They not ready,” Dreezy announces on the opening cut. “I do not think the masses are ready / Dreez-Boy shit, it’s massive already.” Later, she adds a wakeup message to naysayers: “B-I-G-D-R-E-E-Z / They’ve been sleep / NyQuil, Z-Z-Z.”

So how did this all come together? Dreezy recently spoke with HNHH about the collaborative effort. “I wanted to just go in the booth and just go spit a bar and let Hit-Boy see me really come up with the lines in my head,” she said. “We did our first song in like 30 minutes and the first song we did is actually one of my favorite songs. After that, he was like, ‘We might as well do a whole project.’”

Listen to HITGIRL below.

John Legend feat. JID — “Dope”

John Legend unleashes his latest single with an assist from Dreamville emcee JID. The duo join forces on “Dope,” an ode to an intoxicating romance produced by Ian Kirkpatrick and Ryan Tedder with additional writing from Charlie Puth.

“She’s so dope,” Legend sings. “She’s beautiful, she’s magic / She chemical reactive / I’m burning now, in her flame / Late nights, low lights, oh my / I’m ‘bout to die / Roller coaster and I want that ride.”

Later, he adds: “She’s so dope, wanna be her dope fiend / She showed me what dope means / She’s so dope, she can be my dope queen / We can make a dope scene.”

JID follows that theme in his rapid-fire verse. “You give me lows and highs, but you’re killin’ me, baby,” he raps. “At the Days Inn, I’m still chasin’ and racin’ to get that first taste again / It was amazin’.”

Listen to “Dope” below.