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ABC's "Abbott Elementary" - Season One

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Quinta Brunson may be known for her generally light-hearted humor when it comes to addressing serious topics. In fact, it’s what made the 32-year-old writer such a hit with her Instagram series “The Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date” and during her tenure at BuzzFeed. So there are fans of her critically acclaimed show, Abbott Elementary, that have been voicing their expectations that Brunson tackle the recent shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas as well. But for the Philly native, that may be where she draws the line.

“[W]ild how many people have asked for a school shooting episode of the show I write,” she tweeted Wednesday afternoon, one day after the incident, which left at least 19 students, two teachers, and the 18-year-old gunman dead. “[P]eople are that deeply removed from demanding more from the politicians they’ve elected and are instead demanding ‘entertainment,’” she continued. “I can’t ask ‘are yall ok’ anymore because the answer is ‘no.’”

Humor has long been a way for people to come together and heal in times of crisis. But according to her post, Brunson thinks it hopeless that some request she turn her weekly half-hour docu-comedy into a political morality play. “I don’t want to sound mean, but I want people to understand the flaw in asking for something like this,” she added. “We’re not okay. This country is rotting our brains. I’m sad about it.”

The producer/actor’s somber tone is reminiscent of that from Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special almost two years, 8:46. Chappelle cut the 25-minute segment shortly after the public killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Fans of the comic expected his usual wit and jokiness. But instead, Chappelle was unusually serious and gave attendees a rundown of various events leading to the events of May 25, 2020.

And one question Chappelle asked that evening rings similar to what Brunson may be asking of her own fans right now: “Am I boring you?”