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Josiah Johnson Reveals How He Became #NBATwitter's Meme King

Source: Jon Kopaloff / Getty

You can always count on Josiah Johnson to deliver comedic gold on Twitter during NBA games like Steph Curry hitting a big-time three-pointer to secure a Warriors victory. Speaking with the LA Times, Johnson revealed what motivated him to become the NBA meme king on the social media platform.

Before Josiah Johnson’s Twitter fingers took off, he had a show on Comedy Central called Legends of Chamberlain Heights based on his failed basketball tenure with UCLA. It followed three high school basketball benchwarmers who believe they are legends in their own minds. The show featured jokes he told with his fellow teammates Quinn Hawking and Ike Williams, the “sh*t crew* riding the pine.

People described the show as the next South Park, but it would only survive for two seasons before Comedy Central decided to pull the plug on it, something Josiah Johnson knew would happen despite his best efforts. Johnson revealed to the LA Times that Comedy Central, for whatever reason, tasked him with operating the show’s social media account. Little did the cable network know it helped plant the seeds for what Johnson has now become.

Johnson would stay late in the office well after everyone left to live-tweet the show on the East Coast feed to help build engagement and traction for the show. His efforts didn’t help, but he did learn some valuable tools for using social media, like always having plenty of videos, photos, and gifs ready to be used in tweets.

Per The LA Times:

Along the way, he taught himself engagement strategies he still uses. Stockpiling images and video clips allowed him to post content quickly. He amassed a Twitter following for the show that numbers more than 67,000, even though it’s been off the air for nearly five years.

“I like to joke that Comedy Central created a monster,” Johnson says.

Josiah Johnson’s meteoric rise on Twitter began after a tweet he shared using a clip from Jordan Peele’s fantastic film Get Out to describe problematic wide receiver Antonio Brown meeting Josh Gordon at the New England Patriots’ training facility. The tweet went viral, garnering 140,000 likes and nearly 5,000 quote retweets, including one from the film’s creator.

Johnson’s witty tweets are not only relegated to the NBA. He even had jokes during the last presidential election. After using Chris Webber’s infamous timeout gaffe, he earned more followers to describe former President Donald Trump wanting certain states to stop counting votes.

Josiah Johnson is so good that even his favorite player in the league, LeBron James, has called him the GOAT.

Johnson now has roughly over 246 thousand followers on Twitter who eagerly await to see him drop a gem. He’s even lent his writing skills to Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix series Colin in Black & White. You can definitely expect to deliver some gold during this year’s NBA Finals that will see the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics battle for the chip.

Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty