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Working well together is what they do best

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It pays to be smarter. Researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Minn., and Heidelberg revealed a study that proves personality isn’t enough to gain success—you need intelligence, too.

Experts designed a series of games to find out which factors lead to cooperative behavior in social and workplace situations. Results showed “significantly higher” levels of cooperation came from those with higher IQs, which earned them more money in the game. Personality traits such as agreeableness, conscientiousness, trust, and generosity also affected success, but very little and not in the long run.

The findings concluded that a society is cohesive if people are smart enough to be consistent in their strategies and foresee the social consequences of their actions, including the consequences for others. “A good heart and good behavior have an affect too, but it’s transitory and small,” says professor Eugenio Proto from the Department of Economics at the University of Bristol.

These results provide valuable workplace insight. Those with higher intelligence usually see the bigger picture and work cooperatively leading them to be promoted and financially compensated. People with a more conscientious trait are usually more cautious, which could reduce their cooperativeness. This study could also impact policies in areas where all parties can benefit from the bigger picture such as early childhood education and international trade.

The details of this study are due to be published in the Journal of Political Economy. Here’s what you need to know.

What You Should Do To Beat The Odds

Stay In Student Mode

Your education didn’t end once you got a degree or started your job. Keep learning. Expose yourself to history, the arts, and sciences. To keep up with the competition in your career field, stay up to date with the latest trends and research.


Monitor TV Time

Mental exercise is just as important as hitting the gym. Play brain teasers. Read more books. Learn a new language. All of these mental exercises have been proven to increase IQ points over long-term exposure. Watching too much garbage television has been proven to sap your energy and lower IQ points.


Talk About Real Stuff With Your Friends 

You are the average of the five people closest to you. Keep intelligent company, people you can constantly learn from. Be sure to push your pals and be receptive to new information. It will help you grow.

Write It Down

Take a few minutes every day to reflect and write down what you’ve learned. This list can also boost your confidence and show off all the new knowledge you have obtained, which will encourage you to keep learning.


Arielle Neblett is a freelancer for CASSIUS.