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Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies - Game One

Source: Justin Ford / Getty

The Golden State Warriors are the 2021-22 NBA Champions, bringing the season to an end, but that hasn’t stopped the trash talk. 

Draymond Green Had Time For Ja Morant

It looks like a rivalry is brewing between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies. Now, before you lose your minds, we understand the Grizzlies haven’t accomplished anything in terms of chips, but it’s clear these two teams don’t like each other.

Draymond Green had time for the NBA’s brightest star Ja Morant after he suggested in a tweet that the Grizzlies  “got a lot of real estate” in the mind of Klay Thompson. Green took exception to the tweet and responded accordingly.

We traded that real estate in @JaMorant the property value was higher in Boston,” Green epically clapped back. 

And, of course, if you think Morant was gonna let Green have the last word, think again. The feisty superstar responded in a follow-up tweet, “im coming to you then. tell em book dat shit. im on yo block.”

This all began when Klay Thompson decided to use his post-game press conference after winning the chip to address a tweet Jaren Jackson Jr. sent out back in March making light of the Warriors’ slogan “strength in numbers.”

Thompson didn’t bite his tongue calling Jackson Jr. a “freakin’ bum” and telling reporters that he couldn’t wait to retweet the Grizzlies’ star’s tweet.

Morant reacted to Thompson’s post-game comments, leading to Draymond’s response. The Grizzlies and Warriors had one of the better series in this year’s playoffs. The Warriors went on to defeat the Grizzlies in n a heated six-game series in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Despite not having their best player in Ja Morant, the Grizzlies managed to scare the Warriors on their road to their fourth NBA championship in eight seasons.

The league has yet to reveal the 2022-23 NBA schedule, but we are sure these teams are already looking forward to butting heads on the basketball court.

We are already looking forward to next season.

Photo: Justin Ford / Getty