One day after yanking Patty Mills to the ground by his throat, Draymond Green returns with another moment of flagrancy. During last night’s Golden State Warriors game against the Orlando Magic, Paolo Banchero drove in for a layup as Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins tried to stop him. Wiggins caught the foul as Banchero drove […]

An indefinite suspension couldn’t stop Draymond Green from making questionable plays. His latest way-too-physical play came Tuesday night when his Golden State Warriors took on the Miami Heat. Green was trying to roll to the hoop to defend Bam Adebayo, but in order to get further in the paint he needed to get past Patty […]

Draymond Green may have just been reinstated for his latest on-court assault, but he’s once again choosing violence. His latest controversial move comes as the never-ending debate of the NBA’s GOAT suddenly fell at Kevin Durant’s feet during an interview with Arizona Republic’s Duane Rankin. For the last few years, the argument has been that […]

Now that Draymond Green’s officially been cleared to return to the court, he’s also back to his podcast. On The Draymond Green Show, he broke down what’s been going on in his life the past few weeks after he was indefinitely suspended for striking Jusuf Nurkic in the head and face back in a December […]

Ja Morant has returned to the court with a vengeance after his 25-game suspension, and now it’s time for one of his coworkers to do the same. After more than three weeks away from the team –losing about $2 million– Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green has been cleared to take the floor again. The […]

More light has finally been shed on Golden State Warriors enforcer Draymond Green’s punishment for his WWE antics on the court. According to The Athletic‘s NBA Insider Sham Charania, Green has entered a counseling program and is expected to be benched from the league for at least three weeks while he works out his issues. […]

Draymond Green’s latest on-the-court violence has yielded his most severe punishment yet. Usually, it’s a fine — he’s already given the NBA more than $2.2 million throughout his career- a few suspended games, but this time, he’s been suspended indefinitely. “Green’s suspension will begin immediately. He will be required to meet certain league and team conditions […]

Not even a month ago, Draymond Green was suspended for choking Rudy Gobert, and now he’s found his way into another questionably dirty play. During Tuesday night’s Golden State Warriors 119-116 loss against the Phoenix Suns, Green was guarding Jusuf Nurkic. While Green had his back turned to Nurkic, he swung his arm around and […]

Draymond Green’s hotheaded activities have prevailed again. Tuesday night, the Golden State Warriors were taking on the Minnesota Timberwolves when a fight broke out just two minutes into the game before either team scored. It began when the Wolves put up a jumper, and Klay Thompson held back Jaden McDaniels to ensure he didn’t get a […]

It’s been nearly a year since Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole, but the altercation’s circumstances remained hazy.  We know Poole and Green were jawing off, and the former apparently went too far. But what was the final straw that led to Green swinging on him? Former ESPN host Pablo Torre’s got some insider information and revealed […]


Jordan Poole has been booted to the Washington Wizards, and Draymond Green signed a $100 million extension with the Warriors, but the beef continues. It all reignited when Green appeared on Patrick Beverly’s podcast, The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone. One of the hot topics was Green punching Poole during a training camp practice last summer, […]


I t’s been almost eight months since Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole, and the effects are still rippling through the league. The two are on separate teams now, with Poole getting shipped off to DC and Green’s future up in the air. However, no one knows what exactly went down between the two that led […]