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Questlove stays in his creative bag.

This time, the multihyphenate has hooked up with Ghanaian-American director Joshua Kissi to produce a short film for The New York Times. The self-titled 1-minute, 27-second flick reflects on Quest’s interests– namely, music. Starting a sentence with “Questlove is…” the musician fills in the blanks with qualities and passions that make him whole.

“Questlove is…⁣

The Poetry of Stillness. ⁣

A Thundering Drumbeat. ⁣

Discovering the Virtues of a Wandering Mind. ⁣

A New Black Dream. ⁣

Bending Genres. ⁣

A Country on the Brink. ⁣

A Story of Love and Obsession. ⁣“

He also speaks on his obsession with traveling via train, his prowess in the highly addictive game of Wordle, and his love for his home city of Philly.

The short film is part of the Times’ new “Independent Journalism for an Independent Life” campaign, which highlights the publication’s subscribers and how content from independent journalists drives their passions and helps them find new ones.

Kissi recently chopped it up with Hypebeast and admired Quest’s push for continuous creativity despite already achieving such lauded accomplishments.

“This man just walked off the Oscar stage and is still staying curious to the craft. Sometimes you just need to step away from whatever your art is to be informed by some of the things that you’re looking to get answers on. So watching him and learning from him — from the article perspective, as well as in-person on set once we were actually in the filmmaking process — taught me a lot,” Kissi said.

In the video above, check out what inspires Ahmir Khalib Thompson, commonly known as Questlove.