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Brough Brothers

Source: Brough Brothers / Victory Global LLC

Kentucky is known for many things, notably being the birthplace of bourbon. The Brough Brothers aim to add to the legacy of the liquid gold produced in the Bluegrass State and continue making history in the process.

The Brough Brothers distillery was officially established in 2020 by a trio of real-life siblings, Victor, Bryson, and Chris Yarbrough, this was after Victor Yarbrough worked in the adult beverages industry overseas. The company would become the first Black-owned bourbon distillery in the state, a weighty distinction the brand wears with pride. As we’ve shared on CASSIUS via the Spirit.Ed column, diversity in the spirits world has a long way to go but inroads are being made.

In a recent profile done by theGrio, the Brough Brothers shared a bit of their journey in the world of distilling bourbon, with plans to move away from its current “sourced bourbon” model and distill their own juice on site. Sourced bourbon is bourbon produced by another notable distiller and bottled by the buyer in a style of their choosing. The practice is quite common, with celebrity and boutique brands opting to source their bourbon for various reasons.

“We’ve got quite a bit of momentum, quite a bit of support from the community, from the retailers and the district distributors,” Victor Yarbrough said to the outlet.

The company has enjoyed considerable press since its 2020 launch and details of the juice inside their bottle, which gives clever nods to their Kentucky roots, have been shared in previous stories by other outlets. It is assumed by industry writers that MGP of Indiana is the source of the Brough Brothers’ 82 proof bourbon. At that proof, this is either something to offer someone new to the world of bourbon, an easy daily sipper, or a workhorse bourbon for mixing simple cocktails such as a highball.

As mentioned previously, the company will begin offering its own distilled juice in 2023.

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