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The incessant attacks on abortion and women’s reproductive rights have dominated the news in past weeks, with Texas being among the most heinous in its policies. Anthony Anderson blasted them in a late-night monologue that has the web buzzing.

While serving as guest host for Jimmy Kimmel Live! on his late-night show on Monday (July 11th), the actor delivered his opening monologue with a keen and biting focus on the events of The Bachelorette, which premiered its new season earlier that evening. He soon pivoted to the attacks on women’s reproductive rights. Anderson cited a news report that centered on squirrels in the city of London, England – apparently, the city is considering introducing oral contraceptives in the food supply to limit the number of gray squirrels in the population.

He opened by asking his mother, Doris, who was sitting in the front row, about that news report. “In England, they’ve got so many gray squirrels running around they’re thinking about putting them on birth control,” the actor/comic and Black-ish star said. “For real. You know things are messed up when squirrels in London have more rights than women in Texas.” Anderson continued, “So under the new rules, squirrels in England would be allowed to eat a nut…they just wouldn’t be allowed to bust a nut.”

The current law in Texas, which is known as Senate Bill 8, took effect last year and relies on the actions of private citizens who would receive a cash bounty if they were to successfully sue someone who aided someone else in getting an illegal abortion. Reportedly, those who are successful would get up to $10,000. The bill has been commonly referred to as the “bounty hunter law” and has led Republican lawmakers in Idaho and Oklahoma to proceed with enacting similar laws. These laws have gotten more scrutiny after the fateful decision by conservative justices of the Supreme Court to overturn the decision in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.

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