The ongoing beef between Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers has been taken to new heights, with the former dissing the latter for millions to watch on TV. Kimmel’s still angry about the Jeffery Epstein allegations Rodgers tossed on his name last week while appearing on The Pat McAfee Show. “There’s a lot of people, including […]

Anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers has always considered himself a free thinker, but now his thoughts may land him in court. During one of his frequent appearances on ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show, he took aim at late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel with some baseless allegations. Alongside fellow sports analyst A.J. Hawk, Pat McAfee brought up the […]


Jimmy Kimmel opened the 95th Academy Awards last night with a few digs at Nick Cannon and last year’s unexpected scene-stealer Will Smith. His 15-minute monologue was full of jabs and jokes at various targets, but some viewers were ruffled when the late-night talk show host decided to make mention of those two specific entertainers […]

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Jimmy Kimmel is getting dragged for ruining Quinta Brunson's Emmys moment.

On Monday night, Anthony Anderson took aim at the controversial "bounty hunter law" in Texas meant to be used against those helping someone get an illegal abortion. He used a news report about government officials in London mulling contraceptives to limit the population of gray squirrels as part of his comedic jab.

Black Culture Imagine for an improbable moment that you are Kanye West. Months ago, you tried to create a conversation around Blackness and power with your philosophy, essentialism, in tow. It didn’t go well. You chose this time in American history to side with reality-star-now-President Donald Trump, your fellow Gemini, as he committed act-after-act of callous […]

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Kanye Goes in On His Love For Trump on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ In his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, Ye took the stage to talk about his two favorite topics as of recently: his love for Trump and his love for his bipolar disorder. When West was asked about his admiration for […]


The only thing Old Hollywood flubs more than the gender pay gap, is talking about anything timely or incendiary.