#Lexus0To60, Episode Seven: ‘Will Teamwork Make the Dream Work, or Nah?’


With one challenge remaining, Team Hawksworth and Team Pruett just had the GS F Relay Race to decide who the winning team would be. The stakes were as high as can be, and with five points going to the winning team, the entire competition was up for grabs.

Team Pruett took on the relay first. Lamman Rucker handled the first leg well before switching out with Redaric Williams, who had time to make up after technical difficulties slowed his start. Tia Norfleet served as the anchor and finished strongly, giving her team a real shot at the win.

Next, it was Team Hawksworth’s attempt to try and hold on to their four-point lead. Keith Robinson took on the first leg before handing it off to J.D. Williams. Pulling up the rear was individual winner Carmelita Jeter, who had a shot at giving her team the lead.

In the end, only one team could emerge victorious and take the championship.

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