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As the static between Bodega Boys Desus and Mero seems to be cooling down, another old beef that involves one of the podcasters is brewing again. On a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion, The Kid Mero (born Joel Martinez) revisited a disagreement he’d had with radio personality DJ Envy four years ago. Apparently, Mero once invited Envy to slob his knob from the rear, and Hoffa wanted to know why Mero slung the insult.

“Bro, snuff this n-gga, bro,” Mero said he thought to himself in 2018 as he sat face to face with Envy (born Raashaun Casey) and the other members of The Breakfast Club. Envy had taken issue with Desus and Mero mentioning his wife in one of their shows, but the Bodega Boys maintained they were only speaking on things Casey himself had already publicly discussed.

Mero told Hoffa his self-talk that day continued as follows: “This n-gga tryna play you right now! Jump across this table and knock this n-gga the f-ck out — right now!” Mero did eventually say that he had no more ill will towards Envy, though.

It turns out that Envy heard Mero’s comments about that confrontation, so he appeared on the podcast Flip Da Script to explain why he was hostile towards Desus and Mero. “[Some people] find everything funny,” DJ Envy said. “I don’t find my family [being] talked about [to be] funny,”

Then Flip Da Script hosts QueenzFlip & Dj GMoney mentioned that the Bodega Boys seemingly reneged on their truce shortly afterward, however. “I guess on the show, after, when [Desus and Mero] had their show, ’cause I don’t think they’re together anymore, but when they had their show, they said something [like], ‘I was gon’ slap the shit outta Envy and Envy, you can suck my dick from the back,” Envy said.

Envy admitted that he only saw a clip of Mero’s sit-down with Hoffa and has no problems of his own with the Bodega Boy, either. But he also suggested he could’ve fought fire with fire if he wanted, too.

“Content over everything when it comes to me… I don’t your wife and your family into it,” Envy reiterated. “I didn’t bring [Mero’s] wife and four kids into it. I could’ve clapped back and said something foul, but that’s corny. That’s corny sh-t, grown men don’t do that!”

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