Cigars are good for you.

That’s definitely not true, but that’s what we’re gonna go with for this episode of Grown Man Sh*t. Dustin is here to teach you about cigars because as a grown man, you have to always make it look like you know what you’re talking about—even when you clearly don’t. Didn’t create the presentation your boss has been nagging you for? Wing it, it’s more authentic. The same goes for discussing cigars. For some tips that will make you sound like you know what you’re talking about, we go to Dustin for info on his three favorite cigar types.

He starts with the robusto. That one is easy to remember because like its name, it’s short, fat, and the flavor will knock the sh*t out of you.

Dustin’s second favorite is the perfecto, or as he likes to call it, the “mafia motherfuckin’ cigar.” It’s a favorite of mobsters, so if you want to look like you mean business and play no games whatsoever, get a perfecto. Similar to the robusto, it packs a punch. Plus, it looks different.

And Dustin’s third favorite cigar to puff on is the corona. It’s the perfect choice for a night-time smoke or to impress someone you’re with for the night. It’s a man’s man cigar—so you definitely want in.

But before you light up, remember: You have to cut the top off right above the shoulders and be sure to circle around the cigar with the lit match before you try to fire up the middle. Enjoy.

Grown Man Shit Cigars

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