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Rihanna Looks So Good in the New Ocean’s 8 Trailer.

“In three and a half weeks, the Met will be holding its annual ball—and we are going to rob it,” Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) says to her team in the official main trailer for Ocean’s 8. “$16.5 million in each of your bank accounts five weeks from now.” There’s just one issue: “This is the most sophisticated security in the world.”

Not a problem when you have mastermind hacker Rihanna on your squad. The two-minute clip gives us a full glimpse at RiRi in action in the forthcoming heist film, and we’re here for every single moment of it. Get into it below.

Here’s the Stunning Image That Was Named World Press Photo of the Year.

Ronaldo Schemidt’s photo of a Venezuelan man who was set ablaze amid anti-government protests in Caracas has been named World Press Photo of the Year. According to The New York Times, a Venezuelan National Guard motorcycle exploded nearby the man, setting him on fire.

“I was standing a few meters away with my back to him, but when I felt the heat of the flames, I got my camera and turned around to start shooting whatever had just happened,” Mr. Schemidt shared with the British Journal of Photography in February. “It all took just a few seconds, so I didn’t know what I was shooting. I was moved by instinct, it was very quick. I didn’t stop shooting until I realized what was going on. There was somebody on fire running toward me.”

Wyatt Cenac’s Forthcoming Comedy Will Make You Laugh… And Think.

Problem Areas is a 10-part HBO comedy docuseries that aims to examine how different communities are policed. Approaching his series from the perspective of “concerned citizen,” Cenac says he hopes to use his platform to spark a crucial conversation.

“I live in this country, too. It’s not enough for me to simply demand better on social media, or go to a march when there’s a march and have a sign,” he said of the forthcoming series. “The one thing that I have, that I’ve been given, is a platform. And if I can use that platform to ask the questions that I’m generally asking in life, and I can find a way to do it that’s entertaining, I feel like it’s a win-win.”

Watch a trailer below.

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