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Earlier this year, Kanye West allegedly punched a man who asked for an autograph. But Ye won’t be facing any assault charges as it has been determined that the so-called victim was just another crazed fan who learned the hard way that he might have to take knuckles for an answer if he can’t take “no.”

“Regarding the incident involving Kanye West that took place January 13, 2022, after a thorough and careful review of all the evidence, our office is declining to file based on no reasonable likelihood of conviction.” a spokesperson for the LA City Attorney’s Office told Page Six, Tuesday.

Ye’s attorney, Michael Goldstein, said, “video and photographs provided to the City Attorney’s office confirmed that this particular individual followed my client to three different locations over a short period of time and ultimately waited for him at his hotel where he approached my client at 3 a.m.” and that “he once again entered my client’s personal space, which was unacceptable.”

Whoever this man is, he wouldn’t be the first person to think being a devoted fan entitles him access to a famous person. For those unfamiliar with the story in which a man was borderline stalking Kanye like he was Kanye and Kanye was Kim Kardashian post-divorce, here’s at least part of what went down, according to Page Six:

Video leaked of the immediate moments after the incident hours later. The footage, obtained by TMZ, showed the Yeezy CEO shouting at a woman as an unidentified male lied on the ground.

West could be heard in the clip yelling at the female staffer, “Get away from me,” as she tried to calm him down and said, “Give me your hand.”

“No, get away from me!” he then responded in rage. “Ain’t no hands, ain’t no hands.”

“Ain’t no hands,” huh? Well, maybe not for the staffer—but then she wasn’t the one stalking for an autograph.