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According to an exposé from the Daily Beast, entertainers Aries Spears and Tiffany Haddish are being accused of child sexual abuse. The allegations relate to a series of videos shot nearly a decade ago. The claimants, Jane and John Doe, are also siblings who filed their suit under pseudonymously because they were underage when the incidents happened.

Per the suit, Haddish befriended the plaintiffs’ mother in 2013, when the women were both undergoing their own divorces. “Messy, messy, messy, messy divorces… We just got really, really super, super close,” the plaintiff’s mom told the outlet. The suit also states the 42-year-old actress regularly kept in touch with the family for every birthday and Christmas holiday season.

It began in the very first summer the parties met. Haddish reportedly said she’d found the perfect part for Jane Doe, who was 14 years old at the time. Per the suit, Haddish took the teen to a recording booth, where Spears was on hand, and asked to watch a video of two persons eating a sandwich.

However, as the video progressed, the persons in the video could be seen “moaning and making sexual noises as they both ate the sandwich in a manner that simulated the act of fellatio.” Then Spears supposedly told Jane “to mimic what she had seen on the screen, including the noises precisely like what she heard throughout the video.” Haddish reportedly went into further detail, describing how to perform oral sex, gesturing, and making sounds for the girl.

“I knew when I left the booth that I didn’t complete what they wanted me to do,” Jane told the Daily Beast, stating she fought her discomfort to get through it. The suit states she was paid $100 for the time and sent home.

The next year, 7-year-old John was contacted for his own turn at a video. According to the suit, it was filmed at Spears’ home instead. John was in his underwear for most of the taping, and Haddish took on the role of his guardian while Spears played a pedophile. In the clip titled Through a Pedophile’s Eyes, Spears allegedly leers at the boy through a newspaper at one point, sprays him with baby oil in another, and pours water over a naked John’s feet while smoking in another.

John’s video eventually found its way to Funny Or Die four years ago, but it was promptly removed from the platform.

Funny Or Die found this video absolutely disgusting and would never produce such content,” a rep told the Daily Beast. “We were not involved with the conceptualization, development, funding, or production of this video. It was uploaded to the site as user-generated content and was removed in 2018 immediately after becoming aware of its existence.”

The Daily Beast further confirmed that the plaintiffs’ mother negotiated her own settlement with Spears in 2019. However, the suit states that Haddish “insinuated she wanted no part of the Spears settlement agreement via text.” Furthermore, the siblings are suing the comedians on their own since they had no legal guardian to represent them on their behalf.

But attorneys for Haddish and Spears say the claims have no merits.

“Plaintiff’s mother, Trizah Morris, has been trying to assert these bogus claims against Ms. Haddish for several years,” said her lawyer Andrew Brettler in a statement. “Every attorney who has initially taken on her case — and there were several — ultimately dropped the matter once it became clear that the claims were meritless and Ms. Haddish would not be shaken down. Now, Ms. Morris has her adult daughter representing herself in this lawsuit. The two of them will together face the consequences of pursuing this frivolous action.”

Debra Opri, an attorney Spears, told the Los Angeles Times her client wasn’t “going to fall for any shakedown.”