We just settled the age-old debate of boxers versus briefs.

And the answer is both—it just depends on what your plans are for the day. Dustin’s personal favorite is boxer briefs because they keep everything where its supposed to be. “It’s functional and purposeful,” says Dustin as he does his best imitation of rapper squats without any clothes on. “They raise everything up, and put everything down where they need to be,” he continues. Not only do they make you feel confident, but they’re also your best bet when you’re doing anything athletic or rocking fitted clothing because you don’t want moving parts. Remember to keep it tight, and if your balls are close to your heart, you’ll always get the part.

Now, we bring you to boxers. Which Dustin says, “Are for ain’t sh*t people who sit around the house all day making scrambled eggs and toast and sh*t like that.” But boxers are useful for when you pull out those trusty grey sweatpants or opt for basketball shorts. If you need to let things breath for a while, boxers are your style of choice. They’re for the ghetto in all of us, and most importantly they’re for easy access—whether it be in the bedroom or at the urinal, all you’ve gotta do is peel to reveal.

The one thing we chose not to talk about is tighty whiteys, “cause we don’t approve of those” round here. Grown man sh*t.

Grown Man Shit Underwear

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video