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Kanye West has been tweeting. At first, just about sneaks he’s been working on. Then, it was life coach stuff, telling you how to move in the room full of vultures that is sometimes… yourself. Now, it’s about a new album, or two. And, well, it’s nuts.

Seven songs of hits, obviously. We guess that counts for more of an EP?

Gemini season is gonna to be lit!

Never stop anyone from letting you create, Kanye!

Kids See Ghost, now known as KSG in our minds forever and always is a ridiculous name for a group. It’s also Yeezy and Kid Cudi, two of the more ridiculously gifted artists in the game. If this happens, it’ll mark Ye’s second buddy album. The first, of course, was Watch The Throne, a maximalist tour of Black fame that gave us “N*ggas In Paris” getting played 50 times at concerts with “Big Brother” Jay-Z. He’s very much brooding, these days; anxious and positivist. At least on Twitter.

Cudi would be coming off 2016’s Passion, Pain, And Demon Slaying. Which, if it weren’t a Kid Cudi album, could also be an anime, or a spy novel, or the lost chapter of the Lord Of The Rings series. The album saw Cudi return to his roots while evolving his sound.

Both Cudi and West are polarizing figures, so it’s no wonder they’d be sucked up in each other’s orbits for so long. Their relationship has been on again, off again. The kind of inside-out melee you can only have with a true kindred spirit. But, look, that was the past. They’re back. They’ve got new music coming. That’s all that matters for every West and Cudi fan in the world.

Whatever the case, we’re excited. This story is ongoing so expect updates. And if they both decide to swear this off tomorrow, we’ll always have today.