Netflix’s next big release Entergalactic is almost here, and to celebrate the animated rom-com special/musical, the streaming service took over New York City and held two epic events.  Before the big premiere, a group of selected VIPs flocked to Catch Steak in NYC for an early Entergalactic Black Love Brunch powered by Netflix’s Strong Black […]

“I’m finally gonna tell my story. The full story. All real. All honest.”

“I proved to myself that I could do it. I needed that at the time... I was happy. Like, damn, my brain is still strong. I didn’t lose something in that sh*t that happened.” - Kid Cudi telling how he came back from a stroke during his 2016 stint in rehab

Many praised Kid Cudi when he rocked a dress, but perhaps his most important admirer gave him a thumbs up too. Cudi recently appeared at an event for New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Youth Anxiety Center, where he spoke about raising his daughter, as they both reassure each other. As someone whose father died when he was 11, […]


Kid Cudi continues the "Pursuit of Happiness" with his second major Netflix project, "Teddy," produced by Jay-Z.


Kid Cudi is now featured in Louis Vuitton's latest jewelry-focused campaign alongside a few other models such as Jin Chen and Alicia Vikander.