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He Shoots She Scores

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Just like we told you last week, the gang is here to stay.

This isn’t a pretty one, but the trio does their best to get through a tough convo about the first round of the playoffs. Technically the first round isn’t over but jumping to conclusions after one game is customary for Bruce and Beanz, so you know we have to dive in. That starts with the Cavs losing game one to the Indiana Pacers and surprisingly Beanz is actually scared about his beloved Cavs. Typically it’d be Bruce completely shitting on the Cleveland squad, but Beanz is nervous about them even making it out of the first round. Competition in the East isn’t too tough with Kyrie Irving sitting out the rest of the season, but playoff caliber LeBron James might not be enough to drag a bunch of young guys with no experience to the NBA Finals.

But as Beanz admits his fears about his team, we get interrupted several times by a nagging Golden State fan— suddenly Hollywood Beanz in his bag. Things get off kilter and completely unscripted which leaves Beanz annoyed and ready for the episode to end. Luckily enough, we were able to continue to talk about Colin Kaepernick possibly getting signed by adidas if he lands in the NFL this year. The trio all agrees that whether or not Kap inks a deal with a team, adidas should still lock in a deal with the polarizing and vital figure.

Listen to the latest (and oddest) episode of He Shoots, She Scores… And A Side of Beanz below.