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Brett Favre‘s finally broken his silence on the welfare funds scandal he’s allegedly involved in.

The legendary quarterback is opening up about the mishap in Mississippi with a statement to Fox News nonetheless.

In the statement, he breaks down what really happened when he was trying to get funds redirected to help build a proper volleyball facility at the University Of Southern Mississippi, saying he did nothing wrong.

“I have been unjustly smeared in the media. I have done nothing wrong, and it is past time to set the record straight. No one ever told me, and I did not know, that funds designated for welfare recipients were going to the University or me,” Favre said. “I tried to help my alma mater USM, a public Mississippi state university, raise funds for a wellness center. My goal was and always will be to improve the athletic facilities at my university.”

The story going around states that the $5 million he wanted to put towards the sports complex –conveniently at his alma mater and where his daughter played volleyball– was meant initially to help those in need of welfare money.

However, texts to an official tell a different story; he may have known he was asking for something sinister as one message read, “If you were to pay me, is there any way the media can find out where it came from and how much?”

But Favre’s attorney Eric Herschmann, says his hesitancy was just because he wanted his income to be kept private.