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Since we can’t even sit inside a coffee shop without getting arrested, we’re just gonna have to learn how to make our own damn coffee. So, by any means necessary Dustin is going to show us how to make coffee with a few flicks of the wrist. You could go the easy way and put some instant coffee in the microwave but f*ck that— anything that’s actually worth having requires a little effort and a good cup of coffee is included.

And we’re not even gonna call it a cup of Joe, we’re gonna to call it Joerell instead. It all starts with a French press—which is not nearly as fancy as it sounds— a bag of your favorite whole bean coffee, a grinder, kettle and a spoon. Most importantly you should flex with a teacup and saucers that match, just like your girl’s bra and panties. You start by heating up the water-filled kettle to a boil and filling up your grinder with your coffee beans before you start grinding them down.

The flavor of the coffee bean starts to dissipate as soon as you start to grind them down, so make sure this process is as quick as possible so as Lord Quavo once said, whip it like it’s stir-fry. Dustin would usually grind the beans faster but for some odd reason he couldn’t get into Starbucks today, so his energy levels are a bit low. Welp.

Next up is figuring out exactly how to use that French press, and after that you’re golden. There’s a lot of idle time when it comes to making your own coffee and Dustin has a few ways to kill some time. But we’ll let him tell you himself.

And no, we don’t know where you can find the mug in the video, but best believe it’s a golden rule.

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