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Needless to say, this hasn’t been the best postseason for any LeBron James-led team.

The first round series against the Indiana Pacers went to game 7 and almost sent James home for the first time in over a decade. But of course, James diversified his portfolio and his off the court business is going pretty damn well.

His stake in Liverpool is currently worth around $32 million, a huge jump from his initial 2011 investment of $6.5 million. Seven years ago Bron’s marketing firm LRMR, signed a partnership with Fenway Sports Partners,  run by Liverpool chiefs Tom Werner and John Henry. The duo also own the Boston Red Sox.

Like most investments, its value goes up when the product is more successful, and luckily, Liverpool advanced to the UEFA Champions League final for the first time in 11 years after beating AS Roma. James’ close friend and business partner, Maverick Carter released a statement addressing how exciting it is for such a historic club to return to the top of the game.

“It has been an honor for us to be in on this deal with Fenway Sports Partners, John Henry and Tom Werner. It has been a thrill to watch such a storied club make their way back to the top again and to be a part of it all. LeBron likes the fact that he’s diversified in another global sport.” Carter told ESPN. 

Liverpool hasn’t won the UEFA Champions League since 2005, but the club looks to change that come May 26 when it takes on a Cristiano Ronaldo-fronted Real Madrid.

If LeBron isn’t winning on the court, it surely isn’t reflecting in his business savviness.