While shaving is a right of passage for most guys, for men of color the ritual can be a source of much anxiety and struggle. Bevel—the first shaving system designed to address the unique shaving needs of men with coarse and curly hair— is starting conversations around men of color and shaving with its “Mirrors” campaign.

The series of stunning videos depicts ten men of color shaving— a sight rarely (if ever) seen in advertising or pop culture. In each vignette, the subjects share their personal stories and struggles with shaving. Millennial men including model Broderick Hunter, actor Michael Oloyede, Venture Capitalist Richard Kirby and Bevel founder Tristan Walker himself are featured.

The participants reveal personal confessions, like getting “roasted” in the neighborhood because of razor bumps and being afraid to shave because of the discomfort and scarring caused by poorly designed razors. Others weighed in on the empowerment found in having more control over one’s self-expression through shaving.

Available now on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as through direct emails to customers and on the Bevel website homepage, new episodes drop Tuesdays and Fridays. Learn more about the campaign on the Bevel Code Blog and take a look at the videos above.